Play YouTube Videos In The Background With These Minimizer Apps

Alternatives to the YouTube app with a better user experience

Alternatives to the YouTube app with a better user experience

While watching videos using mobile devices like Android, Most of us receive text messages or notifications from apps such as Twitter and Facebook.

The issue here is that if you want to reply or check your notifications, You’ll have to exit the YouTube app, Hence, You will have to re-open the YouTube app and wait for the video to load and buffer, You’ll be shown ads again and that’s a real pain for us.

Hopefully, there are modded versions of YouTube that will end this drama for sure.

The Android apps you are about to discover today will enable you to keep watching your YouTube videos while you reply to text messages, edit photos, post status updates on Facebook, You name it…

Quick note:
Please note that most of the apps mentioned in this post are not available in the Google Play store. We’ve included links outside of Google Play in order for you to download. So make sure that you enable app installs from “Unknown sources” in your security settings.

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1YouTube Vanced:

YouTube Vanced is a popular modded version of the YouTube application. This app enables your device to play videos in the background.

In addition to this, YouTube Vanced is completely ad-free. The app works for both rooted and unrooted devices which makes it the best choice.

The app is available on its official thread in XDA forums.


NewPipe is a non-commercial Open-source YouTube client. The app enables you to play videos in the background, completely kills ads, download videos, and most importantly it is lightweight!

The best feature we’ve found in NewPipe is that the app offers a pop-up player that is resizable and movable.

NewPipe can be downloaded through F-Droid.


Another great lightweight client for Youtube that is capable of playing videos in the background with the ability to move the video anywhere on the screen.

The app’s floating window will amaze you and let you have the best user experience ever, Promise.

4Minimizer for YouTube:

The only app that we could find in the Google Play store. This app is not guaranteed to stay on Google Play. One day it’ll be banned.

Minimizer for YouTube also allows playing YouTube videos in a minimized window.

The app has what’s called the “Ghost mode” which allows you to control anything on the screen that is behind the playing video.

Unfortunately, Minimizer for YouTube is ad-supported.

Just a small addition to this group of YouTube client apps:

We’ve found that OG YouTube also enables playing videos in the background as well as downloads them for offline viewing.

You may download OG YouTube from here.

These were the best apps we could find that enables you to play videos in the background, If you would like to suggest more apps, kindly add a comment below.

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