Top 6 WhatsApp Data Recovery Software For Android (Messages & files)

Recover lost text, Audio messages for WhatsApp using PC

Best WhatsApp Data Recovery Software For Android

Trying to recover lost WhatsApp deleted data can be a pain, Sometimes we push the wrong buttons or we forget to keep the messages that we need to save as memories or for some other reason.

We’ve collected 6 computer programs that are developed specially for recovering lost data on Android devices. The data type can vary; Photos, Videos, any type of received files, WhatsApp text & audio messages.

We’re not affiliated with any company or software displayed below, Just like you we search and find solutions for issues that people face.

Nobody is an expert and we do not guarantee that any software shown in this article will %100 work and recover what you’re after.

Programs below are limited when it comes to using their free non-paid version. Most of the software given require users to pay to use the tools with full features.


Fone Paw a software for WhatsApp data recovery

Works for both Windows and MAC operating systems. This software claims that it can recover lost documents, Deleted WhatsApp messages, Call logs, As well as contacts.
The software also offers data backup and recovery for Android devices, Which we highly recommend (Backing up all your data) so you guarantee that all and any of your files will be recovered.

Recovery Android:

Recovery Android a software for WhatsApp data recovery

Recovery Android developers claim that their software is capable of recovering lost and deleted files. Also supports the recovery of WhatsApp data.
Supports both Windows and MAC. Try it and see if you can restore your lost data.


Tenorshare a software for WhatsApp data recovery

Can be used in Windows and MAC, Features data recovery from internal and external storage (SD Card). can restore images, videos, Call logs, WhatsApp messages, and other file types. The program offers a free trial.


iMyFone a software for WhatsApp data recovery

Supports Android devices as well as IOS. iMyFone Can be installed on Windows & MAC PCs. The computer program offers unique features like data recovery for specific apps including WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik, Line and more. You may try the software by using the free trial.


iReparo a software for WhatsApp data recovery

iReparo doesn’t support MAC it only supports Windows, Can help you recover lost WhatsApp and Viber deleted text and audio messages. iReparo can recover files even without backup.


Gihosoft a software for WhatsApp data recoveryRecovers files deleted or lost from Samsung, HTC, Google, LG, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, OnePlus devices. Can be installed on Windows only.

Unfortunately, most of these computer programs are commercial, Which means that users must pay in order to get the software to work in full mode.

These were just recommendations, Make sure that you use PayPal if you decide to buy any software above in order to get your money back in case you could not recover your lost data.

Make sure to leave a review about any software you have used in the comment area.

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