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Teespring is a great online platform to sell T-shirts online, They allow you to upload your own custom designs to the website and sell them printed on T-shirts.

The process goes like this:

You create a design using as an example Photoshop, You upload the design to Teespring, You pick a sales goal, And then you need to drive traffic somehow to the landing page of your T-shirt.

However, In order for your custom designed T-shirts to be printed and shipped, Your item MUST reach the set goal otherwise it won’t be processed.

But don’t worry! Teespring is not the only T-shirt selling platform in the world, There are tons of different services and sites like Teespring to join so you can start your T-shirt selling business.

A web service which allows you to build your T-shirt store using WordPress (WooCommerce), Shopify, Bigcommerce etc…

What makes Printful better than Teespring is that there are no requirements needed in order for them to print and ship your products even if your product receives one sale it will be processed.

In addition, Printful has a handful of plugins and integrations to help you create your own branded t-shirt store, Keep in mind that you can also sell your custom T-shirts on Amazon and eBay.

Very similar to Printful, Printaura offers the same benefits and features, They offer many web creation platform integration tools and plugins to help you easily start your t-shirt business store.

You can upload your custom design to Printaura and print it on mugs, bags, mobile phone cases, hats and much more.

If you’re planning to use Printful or Printaura you must keep in mind that you will need to build your own online store using an online service like Shopify which is paid, Or Woocommerce on WordPress which needs you to purchase a web hosting package and a domain name.

A very similar site to Teespring, Teezily hosts and does everything for you, There is no need to build an online store to start selling T-shirts.

All you have to do is: Create your design using Photoshop or outsource the design, Upload it to Teezily and set your sales goal.

Once the sales goal is reached the products will be printed and shipped to your customers.

Bear bubble offers a wide variety of products to choose from, T-shirts, Necklaces, Tank tops and even more.

They offer you nice mockups to put your designs on you can search on Gearbubble’s blog to download their mockups.

Spreadshirt is an awesome alternative to Teespring, They allow you to print and sell your designs on over 200 products. The best feature of Spreadshirt is that it combines all of the above T-shirt selling platforms benefits, They allow you to sell on their marketplace or you can create an online shop using their shop builder.

In addition, They also offer the highest commission in the T-shirt industry.

Don’t forget to revisit this webpage in order to be updated and get more of sites like Teespring. We will be constantly updating this webpage.

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