Websites Like Kickstarter For Charity, Nonprofit, Education & more

Alternative and similar websites to Kickstarter

Alternative and similar websites to Kickstarter

Kickstarter is an American company that helps to bring ideas and projects to life by raising money for them. The website has successfully funded over 139,632 projects which is a huge number of creative projects that came to life because of Kickstarter.

The number of people who support the website (also known as Backers) exceeded 14,263,856 and counting. All these big numbers make Kickstarter the number one choice
for startups to raise money for their projects.

In addition to Kickstarter, There are many other websites that people who seek to raise their capital. in this post, we’ll go through a few of them (only the good ones).


Kickstarter alternatives For Entrepreneurs and Startups:


Kickstarter alternatives For Education:


Kickstarter alternatives For Charity, Nonprofit:


Indiegogo a website like Kickstarter

A crowdfunding website that can help companies and individuals raise money for any cause. Indiegogo is a website that is older than Kickstarter which makes it the first on this list. The website can also be used to discover newly launched products and Innovations.

RocketHub a website like Kickstarter

Rockethub is a crowdfunding website that has helped thousands of startup companies raising their capital in order to make their creative projects heard and seen.

Rrockethub can be the reason your project came to life. The company has what’s called ELEQUITY Funding which is a partnership between Bankroll Ventures and Rockethub that enables companies and individuals to raise even more funds for their creative ideas.

Crowdfunder a website like KickstarterIf you are an investor, Crowdfunder might be the right choice for you. The website enables entrepreneurs and investors meet in order to raise capital and crowdfund great projects. The community has almost 200,000 members and over 15,000 accredited investors.

Fundable a website like KickstarterA crowdfunding company that is made for businesses. From technology, food service, sports, to entertainment, Fundable is a great place to raise capital. The company has raised more than a staggering $411 Million in funding.

Upstart a website like KickstarterA company which offers personal loans to students and education. Whether you want to pay for medical bills, taxes, raise money for your education, or for home-related spending, Upstart might be the good lender to go after.

YouCaring a website like KickstarterA website that helps to raise funds for medical, charity, nonprofit, pets, adoption, veterans, sports, and more purposes.
The website has raised over $900 Million and counting with the help of over 8 Million supporters worldwide.

GoFundMe a website like KickstarterAnother great website that collects money for charities, good causes, and emergencies. GoFundMe a trusted big fundraising website that has raised over $5 billion and counting for different categories such as medical, memorial, and charity.

CrowdRise a website like KickstarterIf you’re a non-profit company then CrowdRise is a great fundraising website that will help you raise money for your project. The company helps to raise funds for charities, brands, and websites.

Fundly a website like KickstarterA great website that people like you raise money for almost anything. Using the website you can help raise funds for families, animals, education, or religion.

Fundly offers easy options to make donations and is mobile friendly.

Plumfund a website like KickstarterPlumfund is a successful crowdfunding website that is operating for 10 years straight. The website can help raise funds for many causes including clubs and sports teams, graduation, funerals, animals and pets, weddings and everything else.

We wish that your creative project will come to life with the help of one of the mentioned crowdfunding websites online. If you would like to suggest other websites, You may leave a comment.

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