AddMeFast Legit Alternatives To Increase Social Media Engagement

Best new websites and web services like AddMeFast

Best Alternatives to AddMeFast

AddMeFast is a social exchange website where users signup to the service and exchange likes, Follows and even youtube views or subscriptions
with other users.

When you signup and start following the available Twitter profiles as an example you earn a certain amount of points for each profile you follow, Which enables you to add your own social profiles such as Facebook pages, Instagram accounts etc and spend these point earned earlier on getting social engagement yourself.

The big problem is that social networks change their algorithms regularly which make social exchange websites like AddMeFast very hard to keep up or even exist. AddMeFast will not get you any likes anymore lately, Specifically Facebook page likes. That’s why everyone is looking for an alternative to this website.

We have collected and tested all of the following social exchange websites like AddMeFast and they seem to be working really well.


One of the best oldest social exchange websites. You can promote your website, Gain Followers, Likes, and Subscribers to the following social networks: Twitter, Google Plus, VKontakte, SoundCloud, Youtube, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest.


A new website that offers users to exchange social media engagements. Flawless and easy to use interface. Supports these social networks:
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus and Instagram. You can also use credit earned by following others to create micro jobs on Share-ex.


This social exchange service claims to have over 420.000 active members and counting. You can spend earned tokens on any of the following social networks:
Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Twitter, and Youtube.

4Likes Planet:

With over 1000 average online visitors, You guarantee that your social media profiles will be follow liked or subscribed to. This social exchange website supports many social networks including Instagram and LinkedIn.


Doesn’t only support Social Media but also different types of networks than the others do, Some are Vimeo, Vine, Myspace, Reverbnation,, Flickr, Twitch and (Odnoklassniki).



Using this web service you can drive visitors to your online links, Exchange social likes and promote your music tracks.


Please note:
We do not recommend that you use these websites for driving traffic to a website that contains Advertisements, Doing so may result in your account terminated by your ad networks.

Please use these social exchange websites at your own risk, Your social pages/Profiles might be suspended.

The list is updated regularly, Make sure to include any other alternatives to AddMeFast in the comments below for others to discover.

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