Handy Screenshot Extensions To Screen Capture Website Pages Online

Full page screenshot generators for your internet browser

Best website screenshot extentions

Taking full webpage screenshots is a very easy task. There are many web extensions that you can add to your browser to be able to take screenshots of your web pages with a few clicks.

In this list, we’ll discuss only the best web browser extensions that are available on different internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari And Internet Explorer.


Nimbus Capture is a browser Add-on that offers you the ability to take screenshots of websites of your choice. After installing the extension you will notice a logo added to your browser’s top right screen. All you have to do then is press the logo and select whether you want to take a full webpage screenshot or a specific area of the website. You will be able to save the taken screenshot as an image to your desktop or upload it to Google drive.

This awesome tool is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera As well as an app for Android, Ios and PC (Windows & MAC).


Works great on web browsers, Takes entire page screenshots, Unlimited page screen capturing. Available for Google Chrome, Opera, And as software for Windows, MAC, and Linux.



3Easy Screenshot:

Use it to take a screenshot for a portion or for the entire webpage. Open source and easy to use. The add-on is available for Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari browser.


4ScreenShot Link:

Straightforward and simple interface yet has all that you need. Take screenshots of selected areas or full page screenshots. Available for
the most popular web browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari browser.


Offers more than just screenshot capturing. GRABILLA enables you to create gifs, Tutorials, Screenshots, and videos.
With the addition to sharing captured stuff with your friends. Available for Google Chrome, Firefox. And software/apps for Windows, MAC, Android & IOS.


Allows you to take screenshots outside your browser. You can download and install it on your Windows, MAC or Linux. Also available as a web browser add-on for Chrome only.



Very quick and fast add-on to capture a full web page. Supports major web browsing software such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari browser.


Bonus Websites:

In addition to all of the browser extensions above, You may use the following websites to take full website screenshots online without the need of installing a web browser add-on.


Added bonus websites
  • 1 year ago Add snapito.com
  • 1 year ago Add shrinktheweb.com
  • 1 year ago Add screenshotmachine.com