Top Online File Converters – (Videos, Documents, Spreadsheets, Images)

Top online file converting tools

Top online file converting tools

Computer users around the world search for free software that can convert files for Windows, Linux, and MAC.

What most people don’t know is that there are some online websites that can convert almost any file type in seconds without the need to pay for a piece of software or have to install it.

From Archives, Audio, Documents, Ebooks, Fonts, Images, Videos to spreadsheets, These websites will cover all that you need and will offer great free service and a final solution to
file converting issues that face you on a daily basis.

Please note that some of the following online file converters display advertisements in order to keep their service free of cost.

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Hands down the best online solution for file converting. Cloudconvert by Lunaweb Ltd has powerful servers that have converted more than 1,096 TB that’s 1.096.000 GB as of 12/30/2017.

Cloud convert supports converting of more than 218 different formats and file extensions, A few are Archives, Audio, CAD, Documents, Ebooks, fonts, Images, Presentations, Spreadsheets, vector, Video, and Web sites.

Cloudconvert does have paid plans if you’re looking to convert files that are larger than 1 GB.

Since 2006, Zamzar was and is still one of the best online web services that enable users to convert files while being on their web browser.

Zamzar supports converting of more than 1200 file types for free.

Zamzar is easy to use, Upload the file that you want to be converted, Select the final format, Enter your email address, And click convert. Zamzar will then
convert your file and send it to you through email.

A great online web service that offers free converting for media files of different formats. Online-converter can convert Audio, Video, Images, Documents, Ebooks, and Archives.

An awesome feature that makes this website unique is that if you would like to trim audio files such as MP3 you can do this with a few clicks.
Another feature is that you can upload files either from your computer or sync them using Dropbox and Google Drive.

Convertio offers a great web interface that is easy to use. This online file converting website offers free convenient file converting to any format.

The website supports adding files from a computer as well as from cloud storage including Dropbox and Google Drive.

Works the same as Zamzar, You select which file to upload, Pick a format, Enter mail address and receive the file converted into your email inbox.

No need to install any additional software or add-ons, Just straightforward online file converting.

Has the most simple interface, Select input format, Output format, Load your file and get it converted. Simple, Easy and convenient.


We are sure that using these websites or just one of them will give you a final solution to your daily file converting issues.

Did we forget to include another online file converting web service? Tell us in a comment below!

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