6 Best Survival Games Like PUBG MOBILE For Android & iOS

Best free survival games like PUBG MOBILE for Android & iOS

Best free survival games like PUBG MOBILE for Android & iOS

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer game where players land on a big map that’s full of Cars, Bikes, Weapons, and Throwables.

To win the match, Players must stay inside a zone that shrinks while time is passing and the last man standing is the winner of the game.

Each game will have 100 players competing to win the match making it a highly competitive game.

PUBG is a paid survival game that was mainly developed for PC. However, The company behind it decided to bring this fun survival game to mobile devices including Android and iOS.

PUBG is considered the number one survival game in the world. But, there are many other great multiplayer survival games for Android and iOS that deserve being played by you and your friends.

1Garena Free Fire:

With over 50 Million downloads on the Google Play Store, Free Fire is the number one alternative game to PUBG MOBILE.

Free Fire is another game where players aim to survive on a big remote island. The maximum number of players that can play on a single match is 49 making it another competitive survival game
for mobile devices.

Free Fire is a regularly updated game that is constantly improved and has new features and game modes added to it.

Garena Free Fire is available for Android and iOS.


RULES OF SURVIVAL is another fight for your life game for mobile devices that tend to deliver a fun gameplay for people who love playing survival games.

Just like PUBG MOBILE, RULES OF SURVIVAL lets players land in the map area of their choice so they can begin the adventure of collecting Armor, Weapons, and anything that can help them survive.

RULES OF SURVIVAL has over 100 Million players worldwide. The maximum number of players allowed per match is 300 which is a huge number of people competing to win the match.

The game can be played on Android, iOS, and there is also a PC version that doesn’t require a powerful computer to run.

3Knives Out:

Developed by NetEase Games the same developers behind RULES OF SURVIVAL. This is a very fun PUBG like survival game that you can play on your mobile device.

Similar to PUBG MOBILE, a 100 players compete yet only 1 player will be the winner. Knives Out is a new survival game that many players fell in love with especially people who play with friends because this game features not only the Solo mode but also Duo and squad modes.

Knives Out is available for both Android and iOS (Also for PC).

4Survivor Royale:

Yet another game by NetEase. Survivor Royale is another run or fight for your life survival mobile game for you to play.

The game features good-looking graphics, different types of weapons and can be played by a team of 4 friends together.

Survivor Royale is available for Android, iOS, as well as PC.

5Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival:

Hopeless Land lets you fight against 100 players in a largely sized battlefield that contains different types of weapons.

The game is new but managed to exceed the 1 Million players mark and still growing.

Hopeless Land is available for Android devices only and can be download on Google Play.

6Survival Squad:

Survival Squad is a great fun game if you have friends that also prefer playing survival games.

The game rules are simple, Teamup, and fight other squads on the map to win the match.

Survival Squad is compatible with Android only.

Which game did you like the most? Comment down below telling others which survival mobile game is the best in your opinion in terms of gameplay, graphics, sounds, and visuals.

Would you like to recommend other games? go ahead and leave a comment.

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