13+ Similar And Free Apps Like Smart Tools For Android Devices

Free alternative apps to Smart Tools for Android

Free alternative apps to Smart Tools for Android

Smart Tools is an Android app that gathers many useful Measurement tools in one place. This app is paid and by using it you can measure distance, height, and width.

In addition to measuring, Smart Tools also enables you to have a unit converter, flashlight, mirror, metal detector, compass and so many other tools.

In this post, You’ll be able to discover more apps that offer the same tools and more than the ones offered by Smart Tools.

1Bosch Toolbox:

Made for Craftsmen, Bosch Toolbox has a big set of tools collected in one app. This is a great app that saves time and effort, A few features are a measurement camera, report sheet, and a unit converter that can convert distance, weight, volume, speed, power and more…


A free measurement tool that measures almost anything. The app contains more than 13 tools a few are a ruler, timer, stopwatch, compass, barometer, altimeter and so many other metering tools.


3Tool Box (Free):

An app that includes more than 22 useful utility tools. Tool Box (Free) offers tools like a compass, leveler, protractor, vibrometer, altimeter, unit converter, calculator, measurement tools, and
so many other useful tools.

4Multi Measure Tool Kit:

Multi-Measure Tool Kit is a great advanced set of tools that will impress you. Using this app allows checking surface levels, measurement of objects speed, the luminosity of specific areas and more.

Multi Measure Tool Kit is a swiss knife on your Android device.

5All tools:

Another app that has a huge incredible set of tools. All Tools can be used to get directions (compass), save copied text (clipboard), measuring horizontal surface (leveler), detecting metal, stopwatch, The amount of tools this app offers is big, We suggest that you visit the app on Google play in order to find all the features.

6Handy Tools for DIY:

A must-have app for DIY people and Handyman, Handy Tools for DIY offers the following tools: spirit level, protractor, Plumb bob and a ruler.


7Advance ToolKit:

Advance ToolKit has almost 8 tools offered, It can be used to measure distance, Has a magnifier, mirror, flashlight, sound meter and more all for free.


8Smart Tool Box:

Used by DIY people and Handyman, Smart Tool Box offers a big list of measurement tools for free including a ruler, DB meter, distance meter, protractor, compass and many other tools.


9Smart Useful Tools:

Another great set of tools app. Smart Useful Tools offers a lot of tools a few are flash, calculator, scanner, compass, protractor, stopwatch, mirror, sound level values, and more.

Keep in mind that this app works offline.

10Handyman Toolbox:

A must have app for every handyman. This app contains many tools that can measure such as a ruler, leveler, unit converter, stopwatch, magnifier and more.



This is the only app on this list that doesn’t include any advertisements. Kstools has a ruler, protractor, and many other helpful tools.


12Tool Box:

An app that can measure bubble level, detects metal, controls flashlight, As well as a compass.



A great addition to this list of handyman apps, SuperToolBox includes a compass, magnetometer, QR code scanner, scientific calculator, calibration checker of the surface.


This was the list, Please don’t hesitate to suggest any similar apps to Smart Tools if you have any in your mind. Comment down below!

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