Best Alternatives to SHAREit for Windows, MAC, Android, And IOS

Best alternative applications to SHAREit

Group of best file sharing apps for Windows, MAC, Android and IOS

SHAREit is an app available for Android, IOS, Windows Phone, As well as PC that allows its users to send and receive files 200 times faster than any other available file sharing method such as Bluetooth.

In this webpage, You will be able to find out more apps that are similar to SHAREit for any of your devices.


An application that enables you to share files between devices easily. Using Zapya, You won’t need any USB cable, Internet And/Or mobile data.
Zapya enables you to share multiple files at a high-speed rate. This app is available for Android, IOS, Windows, and MAC.


SuperBeam is an application that offers file sharing at a high speed. What makes SuperBeam unique is that it allows you to share entire folders.
The technology used in SuperBeam is WIFI direct. This app is available for Android, IOS, Windows, MAC, And Linux.

3Send Anywhere:

This application features unlimited file sharing over different devices. Send Anywhere uses a 256-bit file encryption for a better privacy.
Send Anywhere supports WIFI direct which activates high-speed file sharing. This app is available for Windows Phone, IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and MAC.

4Any Send:

File sharing made easy, Any Send is very simple to use if you want to share files with your friends and family. With one tap you can send almost any type of file you wish. Any Send is available for Windows, MAC, Linux, Android and soon will be a version for IOS.


Pushbullet is more of a personal app that allows you to share files between your devices. Once you install the app, Connect to Facebook or Google and enjoy sending files and notes between all your devices.

What makes Pushbullet special is that it has a lightweight browser extension that can be installed on any web browser such as Chrome, Firefox etc for a faster and convenient file transfer.

This app is available for Windows, Android, IOS as well as a web browser
add-on for the most known internet web browsers.


A very similar app to SHAREit, Feem offers X50 file sharing speed for free. This app is available for Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, IOS and Windows Phone devices.



xender is another app created for a faster file sharing experience. This app has more than 100.000.000 active users on Google Play alone. Xender supports mass file sharing for all devices at a 200 times faster than Bluetooth. This app is available for Android, IOS,  and Windows PC.

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