Top Alternative Software To Revo Uninstaller For Windows & MAC

Revo Uninstaller top free alternatives

Free alternative software to Revo Uninstaller for MAC and Windows

Revo Uninstaller is a well-known software that uninstalls computer programs powerfully.

This software can completely delete software that the regular windows programs manager can’t remove.

In this list, you’ll be able to find alternatives and similar software to Revo Uninstaller for both Microsoft Windows and MAC.

1Iobit uninstaller:

IObit Uninstaller is a software that removes unwanted programs, Browser toolbars & plugins as well as cleans and removes unwanted Windows apps.

IObit Uninstaller is completely free and supports Windows.

2Anvi Uninstaller:

Another great software that powerfully removes unwanted software from your computer. Anvisoft (The company behind the software) offers a free trial for their uninstaller program.

The software splits computer programs installed into Recently installed, Large programs and also system updates and patches section.

Anvi Uninstaller supports Windows.

3Absolute Uninstaller:

Offers a simple user interface for new computer users to better uninstall unwanted software. Absolute Uninstaller can delete programs completely and doesn’t leave any traces left from software uninstalled.

This software supports Windows.

4Geek Uninstaller:

Geek Uninstaller forces removal of software that you do not need on your computer. This software also supports the removal of unwanted Windows apps that you get when you buy a new computer
or when you format your existing PC.

Geek Uninstaller is Windows compatible.

5Wise Program Uninstaller:

The most lightweight computer program that removes unwanted software from PC. This software does not need to be installed, You just download it and start your removal activity.

Wise Program Uninstaller is Windows compatible.

6Nektony’s App Cleaner:

A great app for MAC users that does the same job as Revo Uninstaller. Using App Cleaner on your MAC will help you disabling unwanted startup items, Leftovers of recently removed apps
and removing of selected apps.

Nektony’s App cleaner is MAC compatible.

7FreeMacSoft’s AppCleaner:

Another awesome lightweight app for MAC lovers, Helps completely remove unnecessary small files left by applications. Using this light app is easy, You just drag and drop the unwanted item into app cleaner and click Delete.

FreeMacSoft’s App Cleaner is MAC compatible.

8The PC Decrapifier:

Another portable software that removes unwanted computer software as well as cleans your PC. No need to install, Just download and start the removal process.

The PC Decrapifier is Windows compatible.

9Comodo Programs Manager:

By Comodo the company behind the popular antivirus. A powerful tool for Windows that completely removes Junk and partial uninstalls as well as manages all the software installed on your PC.


10Puran Uninstaller:

A program that is similar to Revo Uninstaller, Puran has developed a completely free tool that will for sure remove unwanted software and tuneup your computer’s performance.

Puran Uninstaller supports Windows.

Which software did you like the most? comment below!

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