Here Goes The Top 7 Alternative client Apps to Reddit

Third-party Reddit App alternatives for Android & iOS

Third-party Reddit App alternatives for Android & iOS

Reddit is a great online website where people find news, share ideas, ask questions, and be able to see what is happening in the world.

The website has what’s called “Subreddits”, These are like categories, each category or Subreddit is dedicated to a specific topic a few examples are: software, operating system, mobile apps, food recipes, and more…

If you regularly visit the Reddit community, I assume that you already have or used to have Reddit’s official app to browse the social website.

The official Reddit app is fine to use, However, many users don’t seem to like what the app has to offer and find it lacking.

That is why we are going to be looking at more apps like Reddit that you can use in order to enjoy browsing, and effectively engaging with your favorite Subreddits.

1Joey for Reddit:

Joey is hands down the most convenient app for Reddit. As one of our favorite apps to use Reddit, Joey gives a fresh and unique experience over the official app.

Joey supports tab layout and multi-column which makes it one of the top choice apps for Reddit.

What also makes Joey a great app is that it is fully unlocked, ad-free and free of cost, meaning that there are no additional features that are paid.

Joey is available for Android.

2Slide for Reddit:

A reddit client app that is available for free (There is a paid version also that unlocks shadowbox and gallery modes).

Slide contains more than 12.000 beautiful looking theme combinations. The app is open-source and ad-free for people who just hate ads.

Slide is available for Android.

3Sync for Reddit:

Sync is a great choice for Reddit users because it is constantly updated, and well supported.

The app enables you to do things that the official app doesn’t allow you to do including a high level of customization options to have a gorgeous modern user interface.

The app is available for free for Android, there is also a paid option of Sync.

4Relay for reddit:

Relay is a great Reddit app for users and moderators as well. If you’re a moderator the app makes moderating Subreddits an easy to do task.

Relay works great and flawlessly on mobile devices and tablets.

There are 2 versions of the app one is free and the other is paid. The paid version enables you to customize the app even more.

5Boost for reddit:

Boost is the best choice for tablets because it makes Reddit look stunning and well organized.

Boost gives you the freedom to pick from thousands of theme colors combinations as well as have many other customization options.

Boost also has a beautiful widget to add to your home screen.

6reddit is fun:

reddit is fun is the most popular Reddit app of all time. Even that the app isn’t official, it managed to have almost 10.000.000 installs on Google Play.

The free version of the app contains ads. Reddit is fun is also available as a paid app.

7Apollo for Reddit:

Appolo is the only Reddit app for iOS that we found deserves mentioning.

The app guarantees a fast navigation that makes Reddit more accessible than ever before.

These were our top picks of Reddit apps, Make sure that you actually try as many reddit client apps as possible in order to see which one better match your needs.

If you have anything to say, Do not hesitate to leave a comment, We love responding to your comments.

Did we forget to mention another alternative? kindly let us know. We highly appreciate your help!

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