Top PC In-depth Cleanup And Privacy Software Alternative To PrivaZer

PrivaZer alternatives list

Alternatives list to privaZer

PrivaZer is known for its powerful PC cleaning tools. This software can erase every single trace from your computer with a click of a button.

We found that some users somehow don’t like to use privaZer for some reason, That’s why we wrote this article so that people can find alternatives
to this software.

Some of these computer programs also have mobile applications so that you can clean all your devices together.

1PC Cleaner (Pegasun):

Developed for PC’s only, Pegasun’s PC cleaner is a powerful trace eraser that is 100% Free. Supports clean-up of third-party programs traces left. Extremely fast and supports in-depth cleaning.


2Privacy Eraser (Cybertron Software):

Can make your computer run very fast after cleaning it up. Offers a beautiful user interface that is very friendly. Can be used free of cost plus you may buy additional premium features to go even further with your privacy protection.


CCleaner is one of the most downloaded software in the computer world. This amazing PC cleaner has awesome features to discover such as privacy protection, Junk files removal, Browser history cleanup and much more.

CCleaner is available for Windows, MAC, and Android. You may purchase the PROFESSIONAL or PROFESSIONAL PLUS plans to unlock more features.


Fast, Lightweight and feature packed software for PC cleaning and privacy protection. %100 free of cost and adware free.


5east-tec Eraser:

A paid software, unfortunately, This software doesn’t have a trial or free version to test. Yet this software offers powerful privacy erasing features that even most popular software doesn’t include.


6Smart Privacy Cleaner (Avanquest):

Developed for Windows OS, This piece of software cleans internet browser history, Search history, Traces of downloaded files and more unwanted items from your computer.

Smart Privacy Cleaner (Avanquest) is a paid software, Avanquest offers its users a free trial for testing.

7PC Privacy Shield:

A great alternative to privaZer, Works flawlessly. Cleans all the traces found on your computer. And doesn’t leave any advertising cookies on your device.
Works on Windows and offers 2 versions one is free and the paid option costs $39.99.

8Smart Privacy Cleaner (SoftCity):

A nice software to be added to this listing. The program is limited if you use the free version of it. Can be installed on Windows only.


Do you use a different program? suggest it to us by commenting below.

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