Best 6 Alternative Email Clients To Mozilla Thunderbird (2018 Update)

Alternative and similar software to Mozilla Thunderbird

Alternative and similar software to Mozilla Thunderbird

Managing multiple email accounts from a single interface is what Thunderbird enables you to do. Mozilla has developed Thunderbird in order to make email management easier for individuals and businesses.

Thunderbird is commonly used on computers running either Windows,macOS, or Linux.

This article will be covering email client software for computers. However, If you’re willing to find email client apps for your mobile device consider checking out:

Best Email Apps for mobile That Worth Trying


Mailbird is a modern looking email client freemium software for Windows that’s completely free for personal or individual use.

Mailbird lets you sync and manages your emails (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, GMX) IMAP & POP3 protocols as well as messaging and social apps(WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter, Facebook ).

The software is Windows compatible and has a highly customizable interface. If you’re going to use it for managing unlimited email accounts consider upgrading to a paid plan.

2Microsoft Mail and Calendar:

If you’re on Windows 8 or up, Mail and Calendar by Microsoft is a great free email client app that enables you to have all of your email accounts in one app.

Mail and Calendar support the following email services: Outlook, Google mail, Yahoo mail, iCloud, as well as POP & IMAP protocols.

Unfortunately, Windows 7 or below users cannot benefit from this cool app by Microsoft because the Windows store doesn’t support Windows 7.

3eM Client:

eM is an email client that many businesses rely on. This client has a unique layout that is easy for navigation even for non-techy folks.

In addition to email management, eM client also features calendar, contacts, tasks and to-do lists, and chat.

eM supports the following email services Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, and iCloud.

This computer program can be used on Windows 7 and up.

4Opera Mail:

Developed by Opera the company behind Opera Browser, This email client is a lightweight one that makes managing, reading, labeling, and filtering messages a piece of cake.

Opera Mail is completely free whether for personal or business purposes (Available for Windows).


A made in Japan completely free of cost email client that’s fully featured and powerful.

This free email client has a well-polished layout that makes controlling emails a breeze.

If you are out for a simple and free software to manage emails, Sylpheed will do just fine.

Sylpheed can be used on Windows, MAC, and Linux.


Trojitá is an Open-source Qt IMAP email client freeware that deserves trying.

This completely free client is available for Windows and Linux.


If you are an individual user who wants to be able to manage his email accounts we recommend using Microsoft’s Mail and Calendar app, Opera Mail, Sylpheed, or Trojitá as they are completely free and don’t require paid memberships or fees.

In case you’re managing business email accounts consider using eM Client or Mailbird.

Which email client do you use? Have your say, recommend other clients by leaving a comment.

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