Top 5 Free Android/iOS browsers With Ad Blocking and Enhanced Privacy

Android & iOS browsers with built-in ad blocking

Android & iOS browsers with built-in ad blocking

In terms of usage, Google Chome is ranked as the most downloaded and used web browser for desktop and mobile devices of all time.

Most if not all Android devices have Chrome pre-installed since Google is the largest contributor to the Android operating system.

Chrome is fast for web browsing but in terms of user privacy, this isn’t the mobile browser that respects that at all since it’s owned by Google which is a company that makes most of its revenue from selling ad space, and you know, Big brother Google knows best about you by tracking the searches you perform online.

It is not just Google who tracks your every move, almost any website including social media websites have analytical scripts that inform website owners of the location of each visitor, device used to navigate, IP address, Internet service provider, time spent on each page of the website, and more…(some even track mouse movement and record it as a video).

I’ve seen an ad that was following me wherever I go online for almost a month until I cleared my browser history, It was about a wireless mouse that I added to cart on an online store.

To counter all this, We’ll be sharing with you a group of mobile browsers with built-in ad blocking that truly respect your privacy by removing trackers and advertisements effectively.

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1Brave Browser:

Brave is the mobile browser that protects and respects user privacy by blocking ads and tracking scripts found on any website.

Brave makes browsing on mobile devices up to 7.2x times faster than Chrome by blocking unnecessary scripts that track your every move.

Brave is an Open-source browser that is available for Android, iOS, Windows PC, MAC, and Linux.

2DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser:

DuckDuckGo is primarily an ad-free search engine that doesn’t track users at all.

DuckDuckGo also has its own web browser that ends the drama of online tracking and ads.

DuckDuckGo’s mobile browser is available for Android and iOS.


Lightning is a lightweight Android browser that guarantees a track-free browsing experience that the majority of mobile browsers don’t.

The browser is available for Android, starts fast, and has built-in ad blocking capabilities.


As you can tell from its icon Bromite is a Chromium-based web browser that looks like Chrome but without tracking and advertisements.

Bromite blocks ads, click-tracking on search engines, as well as a sweet feature which is the capability of playing YouTube videos in the background.

Bromite is an Open-source mobile browser that is available for Android devices.

5F|L|OSS Browser:

FLOSS is another great Open-source Android browser that blocks advertisements without the need of root access or additional ad blocking extensions.

FLOSS is available for Android devices.

Which mobile browser from this list you feel is the best one in terms of privacy and built-in ad blocking?

Comment down below with a name or two, or maybe suggest other mobile browsers that you think deserve a mention.

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