Look Gorgeous By Installing A Makeup Application From This List

Free face makeup and beauty apps for your smartphone

Group of free makeup apps

The Google Play Store is full of apps that pretend to help users apply makeup effects to their taken photos. however, most of these apps either don’t work or requires the user to pay money for a few makeup retouching.

In this post, we will list only the best free apps for face makeup for you to use. Please note that these apps are free but also display advertisements and offer in-app purchases for advanced features use.

1YouCam Makeup:

Amazing makeover app that instantly applies makeup effects to your selfie camera. You can take beautiful pictures as well as videos using your favorite makeup effect. This app Contains ads and offers in-app purchases.


Features amazing beauty effects such as teeth whitening, Different styles of brushes: Glow, Neon, Stars, Hearts and so many more.
This app Contains ads and offers in-app purchases.



With over 10.000.000 installs on the PlayStore Perfect365 is a must add to this list of free makeup apps. This app offers more than
20 tools for makeup and retouching. Awesome 200 ready to apply beauty filters. This app Contains ads and offers in-app purchases.


Completely free to install and use, All the effects are free of cost. The app offers effects for lipstick, contour, and eyelashes, brows, hair color, faux freckles, and glitter.

This app shows displays ads.


Used by many beauty vloggers and also recommended by them. Instabeauty is a great photo editor that works for Instagram and many other social apps.

This app offers more than 100 filters to apply to your taken selfies.


A very nice beauty app that is 100% free it offers NO in-app purchases and also does not show any advertisements.
Beauty filter for all face areas Teeth, Lips, Eyes etc..


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