2 Android Screen Recorder Apps That Can Record Internal Audio

Top screen recording apps for Android (with internal audio support)

Top screen recording apps for Android (with internal audio support)

If you are a content creator, a YouTuber or just someone who wants to record a video gameplay for an Android game, You know how important it is to record the internal audio of the game.

When it comes to audio, most of screen recording apps only allow you to use your device’s microphone, which leads to a horrible sound quality, because when the source of audio is the microphone, your recording will also include (dog barking, noise, TV sound in the background, people talking) even if you are sitting in a closed silent room there will still be noise in your videos.

The solution to the sound problem is that you must record your Android screen using an app that records internal audio only.

Unfortunately, Google started taking down apps that support this feature, SCR Screen Recorder as an example was taken down and got removed from the Google Play store.

However, There are some apps that are still live in the Play store that can actually record Android screen with internal audio, which means that it is still possible to record your gameplay without external noise.

1Mobizen Screen Recorder (Samsung devices only):

Mobizen is a screen recorder app that supports almost any Android phone. However, the ability to record screen with “internal audio” is available for Samsung mobile devices only.

So if you have a Samsung device then Mobizen is the best solution there is right now.

2RecMe Free Screen Recorder (Rooted devices only):

RecMe is the only app available on Google Play that can be a perfect solution for high-quality gameplay videos. For rooted Android smartphones, RecMe is the key to record your screen with no external noise.

In order for you to use the “internal audio only” feature, your device must be rooted because the app needs to be granted root access. In addition to this, RecMe’s developers have included an app that is made especially for users seeking to record their screen with internal audio. The plugin is called Internal Audio Plugin (ROOT).

There are many tricks that you can still do to record your screen with internal audio, but we do not guarantee them to work.

You may search for an app called “SCR Screen Recorder“. This app also requires root access & has the ability to record Android screen with internal audio, but the app got removed from the Play store for violating Google’s policy.

Another solution is that you can search outside of Google Play for old versions of the “AZ Screen Recorder” app. Older versions of this app were able to record Android screen with internal audio only.

Remember, almost all of the apps available require root access to capture internal audio. Except for Mobizen, Samsung device owners can enjoy recording high-quality gameplays without the need to root their devices.

If this is an important thing for you, We recommend that you go root your device in order to benefit from features that unrooted devices can’t have.

Rooting your smartphone can block ads entirely on your device, root access can help you restore old deleted photos, simply root access unlocks the power of your Android phone.

Removed apps
  • 1 year ago Removed AZ Screen Recorder (removed ability)
  • 1 year ago Removed SCR Screen Recorder (doesn't function)