Better Traffic Analytics Web Services Than Histats For Webmasters

Best website traffic analytics services that are similar to Histats

Best alternative websites and analytic tools to Histats

Histats is a well-known website traffic analytics tool for webmasters. This web service offers an easy way for website owners to track visitor stats such as Visitor country location, visitor time spent on the website, Pages visited, Source of traffic, As well as device used for navigation all completely FREE.

However, If you’re looking for more similar web analytics services to Histats, Then this list will cover what you need.


A very simple and straightforward web analytics tool. Clicky is very easy to setup, You just signup for free and implement their code on your website.

Whether you’re using WordPress, Blogger or any other website building platform, Clicky is a great solution for traffic tracking.

Websites with less than 3000 daily page views can use clicky to track traffic for free. If your website receives bigger amounts of traffic then consider purchasing a paid plan.
Plans start at $9.99 a month.


A very in-depth website traffic analytics web service. Woopra offers great features such as user activity on your website, Downloaded files, time spent on each page and so much more.

Woopra can be configured with almost any blogging or website creation software and platform.

Woopra offers free service for websites which their traffic doesn’t exceed 30.000 actions per month. Other than that other plans are paid and expensive to be honest.


A well-known web traffic analytics tool that offers traffic tracking to most web blogging platforms from WordPress to Wix. StatCounter has affordable plans for each website size.

The way StatCounter works is each account has a log space, if your log space stays under 500 a month then you can use the service free of cost.

Once your account exceeds the 500 mark for a month you will have to pay. For a 50.000 log space, you will pay $5 a month.


Another way to better analyze your website traffic. W3Counter does have a lifetime free plan for small websites, As well as paid plans for bigger ones. Premium plans start at $19.


5Open Web Analytics:

The only open source web traffic analytics tool that is completely free for either small or big businesses.
What also makes OWA the best is that it can also track mobile apps.


6Google Analytics:

Offered by Google, Completely free for any website traffic size, Has the biggest amount of monitored websites on the internet.



In our opinion and from our experience, Use Histats, Open Web Analytics, and Google Analytics because these services are free and don’t set any limitations on a number of page views for any period.

We are not affiliated with any service displayed above, We just try to offer as many alternatives as we can. We also remove or add services regularly. If you would like to help us, Suggest more alternatives to Histat in the comment section.

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