How To Find HEX, RGB, HSB Code Values of Any Color Easily

Software that finds hex color codes for computers

How to find HEX, RGB, HSB Code Values of Any Color

Computer users find it very difficult to find the specific HEX, RGB, Or HSB code value of a color on their screen. You might be a graphic designer or you just want to know the exact HEX code value used in a specific logo, Banned ad, Or any other type of image and element on your screen.

No worries about trying to guess what is the best same looking color value for an image anymore. We’ve included many small portable computer programs that do all the work for you and gives you the exact same HEX, RGB, Or HSB code value of any color that appears on your screen.

All the software you’re about to discover here is free to download and install when it comes to Windows OS. Easy to use and lightweight (A few kilobytes) for each piece of software.


The best available software that you can use to identify color palette values. Very simple to use, No need to install, Just Open the software, Hover over the color you want it’s HEX value and press “SPACEBAR”. Color pix will then give you HEX, RGB, HSB Code Values of the color. Click the preferred value and the code is copied to your clipboard.

ColorPix is available for Windows only.

2Hex Color Finder 3:

Lightweight software, Easy to use and free. enables you to find HEX values of colors quickly.
Hex Color Finder 3 is available for Windows only.


3Just Color Picker:


Very light portable software, No need to install. Just download and use. Supports the following color code formats:
HTML, RGB, HEX, HSB/HSV, HSL, CMYK & Delphi. Just Color Picker is available for Windows and MAC.

4Instant Eyedropper:

With a single mouse click, Instant Eyedropper gives you the color code of any pixel on your computer screen. It supports these code formats:
HTML, HEX, Delphi Hex, Visual Basic Hex, RGB, HSB, Long.
Instant Eyedropper is available for Windows only as a setup file as well as a portable version (No installation required).


Free software, Awesome if you’re looking for a small program that finds HEX color codes. Software only supports Windows.




6Instant Color Picker:

Developed by Young Smart Software, Lightweight color palette code finder for Windows operating system.




No spyware, Free simple interface yet works great and deserves downloading. ColorPic is Windows compatible only.



8Sip (MAC):

Made for MAC users, Sip is a PAID $9.99 software that you can use on your MAC and IOS smartphone.


9Gcolor2 (Linux):

Free open source software for finding color codes. Made specifically for Linux.


10Color Grab (Android):

If you’re after an android app to find HEX value code, Install this app for Android.


Do you know any other software that enables you to find HEX, RGB, Or HSB code values of colors? Suggest them below in the comments.

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