Best Alternative Link Shorteners To The Google URL Shortener (

Best URL shortening websites to simplify long links

Best URL shortening websites to simplify long links

A URL shortener is a website that people can use in order to “Shrink” long links ex:

Original link:

shortened link: or

URL shortening web services help to keep links short and memorable as well as makes links look professional and easily shareable on social media.

A popular URL shortener that was used by millions of people is is a link shortening feature that was provided by Google. The service
was easy to use & free.

Unfortunately, Google announced that the shortening service will be shut down so no new links can be created. Google mentioned that old created links will still be redirected to their usual original links.

But hey, is not the only link shortener out there! In this post, You’ll be introduced to a variety of other URL shortening websites that are considered alternatives to the Google URL Shortening service.

Bitly is the most used URL shortener on the web. with over 35 Billion links shortened, Bitly deserves to be the first on this list.

Bitly enables you to make short links to long ones completely free.

After creating short links on Bitly, You will have the ability to access analytics on your account, meaning that you will be able to see the number of visits your links have received, countries where your visitors are coming from, as well as the ability to customize your newly created short links.

Hive is another great Link Shortening service that you can use. Hive enables you to quickly shorten and track links from a unique and beautiful dashboard.

In addition to URL shortening, Hive is also a social media manager which can be scheduled to automatically post Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. is a URL shortening service that’s created by HootSuite. enables you to shorten long URLs through an easy to use & friendly user interface. enables its users to track the number of visitors their shortened links received. is a professional link shortener service that can be used by marketers, content creators, and agencies.

Capsulink supports branded & password-protected links as well as lets you customize your short links as you wish.

TinyURL is a basic URL shortener that is very similar to

TinyURL is very simple and easy to use. Paste in your long URL and receive a tiny customized version of it.

TinyURL was first created back in 2002 and currently, the website is serving billions of redirects every month.

If you are looking for a simple to use and straightforward URL shortener without business or pro features, Then look no further. enables you to create short and customized links with the ability to track incoming traffic (analytics).

So, Happy shrinking! May all of your links become short.

Do you use other link shorteners than the ones in this article? We love to discover new websites! comment down below.

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