Best Email Apps That Worth Trying (Alternatives To Gmail App)

Similar & alternative Apps to the Gmail email client app

Similar & alternative Apps to the Gmail email client app

Checking email messages is an important task that most of us perform on a daily basis. Gmail is a popular email service provided by Google LLC. The service allows anyone to have a free email address EX:( in order to use it for sending and receiving email messages.

Gmail also is available as applications for Android and iOS mobile devices. The app offers convenient access to user’s email accounts all from one app.

However, recently the Gmail app started acting weirdly. The app no longer syncs email accounts from services like Hotmail and IMAP. The only email accounts that the app
syncs are Gmail’s.

In this post, We’ll go through a few amazing other email client apps that can replace the Gmail app on your mobile device.

1Microsoft Outlook:

Our first recommendation is going to be Outlook. Outlook is an app developed by Microsoft Corporation. The app makes reading incoming emails an easy to do thing by collecting all of your email accounts into one place. The app promises a beautiful interface for fancy looking app lovers.

Outlook by Microsoft Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange.

The Outlook app is available for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.

2Nine – Email & Calendar:

Nine is a paid email client available for Android devices only. The client comes with a 2 weeks trial period for testing purpose.

Nine doesn’t just offer an email client, It also offers other tools like Calendar, Notes, and Tasks all in one app.

The servers supported by Nine are Yahoo, GMX,, Gmail, Hotmail,, Office 365, iCloud and so many more…

The Nine app is available for Android devices only.

3K-9 Mail:

K-9 Mail is completely free and fully featured open-source email client for Android mobile phones. K9 Mail supports the following servers: IMAP, POP3, Exchange 2003, and Exchange 2007.

The app is developed only for Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play store, Amazon or F-Droid.

4Inbox by Gmail:

Inbox is another creation by Google LLC, It is a convenient app that makes email management easier. We can say that Inbox is a better version of the Gmail application.

Inbox supports Android and iOS.

5Blue Mail:

Blue Mail is another great email app that gathers all of your email accounts in one organized place. The app has a pleasant intuitive design. What makes Blue Mail a great email client for mobile devices is that it enables you to have as many email accounts as you wish, Unlimited! and completely free of cost.

email providers supported by the Blue Mail app are Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Alto, iCloud, Office 365, IMAP, Exchange, and POP3.

Blue Mail supports Android and iOS.


myMail offers mobile apps that let users manage their emails in a professional way. Using myMail enables you to browse easily between email accounts, receive push notifications in real-time whenever you get new email messages and more awesome features to discover yourself.

myMail supports the following email services: Gmail, Microsoft mail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, and

The app is available for Android and iOS.

7Aqua Mail:

Whether you’re looking for an email client for personal or business purposes, Aqua Mail can handle all your email needs. Aqua Mail has a beautiful and elegant user interface that lets you enjoy sending and receiving emails from one single place.

The email services supported by Aqua are Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, FastMail, Apple, GMX, AOL, Office 365 and Exchange Online.

The app is available for Android devices only.

Aqua Mail is ad-supported, advertisements can be removed through an In-app purchase.

These were the best email client apps that we’ve personally tried and found that they’re the best for mobile devices.

Do you use a different email client app on your Android or iOS device? could you suggest it in the comments section? we highly appreciate you taking the time to read this article.

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