These Are 6 Amazing & Free GIF Viewer software for Windows 10

6 best free GIF viewers for Windows 10

6 best free GIF viewers for Windows 10

The default image viewing feature on Windows 10 is absolutely not the best way to view GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP and other image file extensions.

It’s sad to see a successful operating system like Windows 10 having such a slow image viewer to open image files on computers.

The usual image viewer that comes with Windows 10 is very slow to use as it takes a long time to open even small and normal images, which is a pain for most users.

Fortunately, there are software developers who actually care about users like us who love the Windows operating system.

From this post, you’ll be able to find your next favorite image and GIF viewer software for Windows that will for sure enhance the experience of viewing animated GIFs and other image files.

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1FastStone Image Viewer:

FastStone is a fully featured image viewer for Windows OS that supports viewing a wide range of image file types including GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, PCX, TGA, ICO, as well as PSD (Adobe Photoshop) and EPS (Adobe Illustrator) files.

FastStone Image Viewer is lightweight, runs fast, free for personal and educational use, and available for Windows.

FastStone can also be used to perform quick image editing like cropping and resizing.


Offered by Irfan Skiljan, IrfanView is a great image viewer for Windows computers that is lightweight (with a total size of 3MB).

IrfanView supports viewing of the following formats: GIF, WEBP, PNG, PSD, JPG, ICO, EMF, TGA, XPM, BMP, CLP, TIFF, and so many more.

The image viewing software is completely free for personal use and is compatible with Windows 32/64 BIT.


Another great lightweight image viewer computer program for Windows, ImageGlass is Open-source which means it is a completely free image viewer that you can use.

ImageGlass is capable of viewing many formats including GIF, SVG, PNG, and a lot more image extensions.

ImageGlass image viewer comes with many themes to pick from as well as supports multiple languages.


Imagine is an image and animation viewer freeware for Windows OS that runs at a fast speed.

This awesome piece of software supports image/animation file formats, raw image file formats, high dynamic range image file formats, as well as archive files.

The image viewing freeware is compatible with Windows 95 and up.


InViewer is straightforward an easy and lightweight image viewing program for computers running the Windows operating system.

InViewer can be a great software to open and view GIF files.


Made specifically for animated GIFs, 7GIF is a great free computer program that we recommend using to view GIF files on computers.

7GIF enables you to pause and resume GIF images as if they were videos which is a stunning feature that many want to have.

7GIF is compatible with Windows OS starting with Windows XP.

Pro Tip:

In addition to all the software recommended on this page, You may use a web browser like Google Chrome in order to view GIF animated images quickly, easily, and without the need for additional software.

How to set a software to be the default image view on Windows 10:

1. On your lower left corner click the start icon, and click “Settings“.

2. Once you’re in the settings area, click “Apps“.

3. Scroll down and click “Open Default App Settings“.

4. Look for the photo viewer area, click “chose a default“, and select the software of your choice.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article!

If you have anything to add or you would like to suggest other GIF image viewing software, please leave a comment.

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