7 Must-Play Addicting & Relaxing Games Like Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley similar games to play

Stardew Valley similar games to play

Stardew Valley is a country-life RPG as well as a farming video game with pixel graphics that was developed by ConcernedApe and published by Chucklefish.

The game lets you experience building a farm from zero until you make your farm a thriving one. Stardew Valley was first released back on 26 Feb 2016, and since that date, the game became a popular agriculture simulator that’s loved by many.

On the 30th of April 2018, the game creators announced that multiplayer is available for public beta which made the game more fun to play as well as brought more people to play it.

In this list, We’ve got you a number of similar games to Stardew Valley that you’ll surely spend some great time playing.

1World’s Dawn:

Just like Stardew Valley, World’s Dawn is a social and life simulator that’s colorful where you as a player try to build friendships, make love, harvest crops, mine, fish, and explore.

World’s Dawn has a lot of content to offer including but not limited to high-quality graphics, colorful characters, and magical secrets.

World’s Dawn is compatible with Windows.

2My Time At Portia:

In spite of not having pixel graphics, My Time At Portia got a lot of comparisons to Stardew Valley.

The game lets you start a new life enabling you to make friendships as well as do farming activities such as growing crops and raising animals.

Playing My Time At Portia also lets you discover and craft your way to new undiscovered lands.

The game is available for Windows.

3Harvest Moon: Light of Hope:

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is a relaxing game that’s less complex than the other games from this list yet offers the same fun gameplay.

Your main goal is to rebuild a town that was destroyed by a storm by collecting the necessary tools that you will need.

In addition to rebuilding what’s destroyed, You can also take care of your farm animals and grow crops.

The game is available for Windows.

4Gleaner Heights:

Gleaner Heights is an old school classic farming game that gathers Farming, crafting and combat. Not just this, the game also lets you make romantic relationships and attend mysterious events.

Gleaner Heights can be played on Windows.

5Fantasy Farming – Orange Season:

Another farm-life RPG that has a large explorable world where you can find wild animals to tame and bring to your farm, make friendships with the town’s villagers, and do all the farming work you like.

Fantasy Farming also includes mini-games in the inside so that you never get bored of it.

Fantasy Farming is available for Windows, MAC, and Linux.

6Verdant Skies:

Verdant Skies is a fun social life sim that you can play. The game lets you make friendships and interact with many characters, Craft items to decorate your house, as well as do farming activities.

This fun game can be played on PC and MAC.


Staxel is an insanely addictive 3D farming online game that you can play with your friends.

As usual, the game lets you enhance your farm by growing crops, and taking care of your animals. The more you expand and explore the island the more people you’ll meet.

Staxel is available for Windows.

From 1 to 5 how similar were the video games mentioned in this article to Stardew Valley?

Would you like to recommend other games than these? go ahead and leave a comment down below.

We try to keep our content fresh and up to date, We’ll make sure that we add more alternative games in the future. Until that time, Happy farming, exploring, and harvesting!

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