7 Multiplayer Games Like Last Day on Earth: Survival For Android

Last Day on Earth: Survival similar Android games

Last Day on Earth Survival similar Android games

Last Day on Earth is a zombie survival mobile game that’s offered by Kefir. In LDOES Players must gather necessary items that will help to keep them alive as long as possible.

Players can explore new territories, craft items, hunt, and build houses in order to stay safe from zombies and other threats.

Last Day On Earth is one of the most played mobile video games by gamers who like survival strategy simulators. The game managed to reach more than 10 Million players on Android alone & LDOE is also available on iOS.

According to Reddit, YouTube, and plenty of online gaming forums, These Last Day On Earth like games are the ones that you will surely love in case you’re looking for alternatives to LDOES.

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1Zgirls 2-Last One:

Zgirls 2-Last One by Star Ring Game Limited is a multiplayer survival game that is packed with fun. Players can collect resources that are essential for building safe houses where they can escape the danger and damage that is done by zombies.

Zgirls 2-Last One is definitely an Android game that you will fall in love with if you’re more into the style of Last Day On Earth.

Zgirls 2-Last One is available for Android devices through Google Play.

2WarZ: Law of Survival:

WarZ: Law of Survival is a game that has one single goal which is survival. Players will have to protect themselves from deadly enemies including zombies by fighting them and building their guardian camp.

Just like LDOE, This allows you to craft, build, and fight for your life.

For now, The game is compatible with Android only.

3The Outlived:

Developed and offered by xiaojiao zhang, The Outlived is another multiplayer zombie survival mobile game.

The game features both solo and a multi-survival mode where you can play with your team against other teams.

Playing The Outlived also enables you to craft items which will help you survive for longer.

The Outlived is currently available for Android only.

4Durango: Wild Lands:

Durango: Wild Lands or 야생의 땅: 듀랑고 in Korean is a Role-Playing game that brings Dinosaurs and zombies to survival games.

Durango includes collecting, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, sewing, trapping, hunting, and mining.

Durango: Wild Lands is available for Android and iOS.

5Jurassic Survival:

Jurassic Survival is where players are located in a mysterious island that is crowded with huge dinosaurs.

To survive, you got to hunt your own food as well as collect building materials in order to build and construct your own safe house.

Jurassic Survival s available for Android, PC, and soon on iOS.

6Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival:

What if I told you that Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is a game that is made by the same team behind Last Day On Earth?

Yes, Grim Soul is a new great survival game for mobile devices that you can play in order to live the Dark Fantasy Survival experience.

Grim Soul is currently available for Android.

7Battle Crazed: Survival:

Battle Crazed: Survival is a new multiplayer survival game where players can compete with others on a battlefield that contains houses and weapons.

This game is available for Android smartphones.

We hope that you have enjoyed playing our suggested similar Android games to Last Day on Earth.

Would you mind letting us know which game did you find fun to play?

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