6 Best Horror Escape Games Like Granny To Play In 2018

DVloper's Granny similar games for Android and iOS

DVloper's Granny similar games for Android and iOS

Granny is an arcade mobile game that was released under the name of DVloper. The game features a creepy looking granny who will have you locked in her small house.

Your mission in the game is that you will have to escape the house. And in order to go outside Granny’s house you will have to be careful as if you drop something or do any noise, Granny will start running towards you leading you to lose the game.

Granny has become one of the most popular mobile games worldwide as many YouTubers have promoted and played it.

In this list, We’ve looked around and found other games like Granny that you will surely adore if you’re more into horror escape games.

1Entity: A Horror Escape:

A very similar game to Granny, The story begins in a maze-like abandoned mansion where everything will stand against your escape.

According to gameplay videos of the game on YouTube, the graphics are amazing and the game sounds make it even scarier to play Entity.

Entity: A Horror Escape is available for Android.

2The Clown:

Another great horror escape game for mobile devices but this time it’s a clown!

The Clown features an intense gaming experience as it includes puzzles crafting machines, sneaking running, and hiding.

The Clown is available for Android and iOS.

3Sinister Edge:

If you still don’t find horror escape games to be scary, This one is for you.

Sinister Edge is an HMD/ VR optimized game that features puzzles, mysterious terrifying locations and sound effects.

Even if you don’t have an HMD/ VR device, The game can still be enjoyed even though it is not going to be as scary as with a VR device.

Sinister Edge is available for Android and iOS.

4Slendrina: The School:

The Slendrina series of games are made by the same developer team behind the popular game Granny.

We found that Slendrina: The School is the scariest release made by “DVloper” till date.

Slendrina: The School is compatible with Android and iOS.

5Identity V:

Compared to other horror escape games, Identity V has more potential as it is an open-world game that offers endless adventure possibilities.

You can play either as an escaper or as an evil character that chases after others.

Identity V can be played on both Android and iOS.

6Eyes – The Horror Game:

Eyes – The Horror Game is amongst the most terrifying 3D mobile games out there. The games lets you play in an abandoned mansion, an old hospital, and also many other places.

Eyes – The Horror Game is playable on Android as well as iOS.

Do you know more similar games to Granny? Help us keep the list updated! Leave us a comment below.

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