Top 10 Multiplayer Games Like Brawl Stars To Play In 2018

Similar games to Brawl Stars

Similar games to Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is an action multiplayer game that was recently launched on Android and iOS after a long time of development and improvements.

This fun game is made by the same guys behind the popular mobile games “Clash of Clans” and “Clash Royale”. Brawl Stars lets players enjoy online battles that are full of action. Players can choose from many available game modes including Showdown, Bounty, Heist, and safecrackers.
Even though Brawl Stars is a new game, It has managed to be a popular game in a short period of time.
However, This simple & intuitive to play game is not yet available worldwide. Meaning that if you live outside of supported countries, You’ll not get the chance to play it.
In this post, We will share a few games like Brawl Stars that you can play on your Android and/or iOS devices.

1Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash:

Published by Codex7 Games, Tiny Heroes is a multiplayer PvP real-time battle mobile game that delivers a lot of entertainment to its players.

Tiny Heroes contains many game modes, characters, and weapons all ready for you to discover.

Tiny Heroes – Magic Clash is available for Android (iOS version might be released in the future).


A brand new Android action multiplayer game that was developed by Gamestudionoogic. Crazyshoot delivers a fun gaming experience on Android devices that is similar to Brawl Stars.

However, The amount of maps available is limited and needs to be taken into consideration.


If Brawl Stars would have a twin, It would be Wilds. Wilds or (Pig bang) is an amazing multiplayer PvP mobile game with high-quality graphics.

Wilds lets you team up with friends in order to take over other enemies with the help of many available weapons and talents.

Wilds or Pig bang is available for Android (iOS version might be released in the future).

4Chaos Battle League:

DOD Media Group’s Chaos Battle League is an action PvP multiplayer game that is packed with excitement!

The game lets Battle against thousands of other players just like you willing to climb the leaderboards.

Chaos Battle League is available on both Android and iOS.

5Wild Clash – Online Battle:

Wild Clash is a cute version of Brawl Stars with small humans and zombies. This MOBA shooter offers many game modes that will never make you bored of it.

Some of the game modes this game includes are Defense mode, Gem Grab mode, Soccer mode, BOSS mode, Bowling and survival modes.

Wild Clash – Online Battle is available for both Android and iOS.

6Tank Raid:

Tank Raid delivers the same gameplay style of Brawl Stars but in this one, you get the chance to play as a Tank!

The game has over 7 different maps to enjoy playing it with your friends.

Tank Raid is available for Andriod and iOS.

7Blast Royale:

Blast Royale is a real-time PvP that can be a great alternative to Brawl Stars.

Published by Chiseled Games Limited, Blast Royale lets you team up with friends in order to take over the fighters.

Blast Royale is available for Android.

8Stardust Battle: PvP Arena:

By Playstack, Stardust Battle is a new packed with heroes PvP MOBA shooting game for mobile devices.

The game contains multiple game modes including Last Man Standing, Tower Defence, and Arena Deathmatch.

Stardust Battle is available for Android and iOS.

9Super Cats:

Super Cats is another entertaining multiplayer mobile game that you will definitely fall in love with.

This Brawl Stars look-alike mobile game features a Innovative gameplay and high-quality visuals.

Super Cats can be played on Android (iOS version might be released in the future).


BarbarQ is a brand new mobile game with pixel art style.

The game controls are easy to deal with as they are very simple.

BarbarQ is available for Andriod and iOS.

We always try to keep our content fresh and updated. Make sure that you recommend any other similar games like Brawl Stars in the comment area.

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