8 Fun Mobile Games Like Beach Buggy Racing With The Same Style

Most similar games to Beach Buggy Racing for Android & iOS

Most similar games to Beach Buggy Racing for Android & iOS

Beach Buggy Racing by Vector Unit is amongst the most entertaining racing games on mobile. The game features great quality graphics, fun gameplay, and lots of powerups.

In Beach Buggy, Players can unlock different types of cars, characters, and powerups as well as race in different beautiful maps. The game also has multiple game modes to play including a multiplayer mode which makes the fun endless.

In case you’ve finished all the levels of the game or maybe the game isn’t compatible with your device, These are similar looking games to Beach Buggy Racing that you will definitely adore.

1Angry Birds Go!:

Everyone knows the popular Angry Birds mobile game, who doesn’t right? Well, The same company has another game that’s called Angry Birds Go! which is a racing game for mobile devices.

Angry Birds Go! is very similar to Beach Buggy in terms of gameplay and graphics.

Angry Birds Go lets you play with many karts and characters, pick the game modes that you prefer, and race in different areas.

Karts can be upgraded so you can be the best racer out there.

Angry Birds Go! is available for Android and iOS.

2Tiki Kart 3D:

Tiki Kart 3D is another 3D kart racing game that guarantees a lot of entertainment. Tiki Kart 3D includes more than 14 different tracks and 8 types of karts.

Playing Tiki Kar 3D makes you feel like you’re playing another version of Beach Buggy Racing because the game also features power-ups that you can use to destroy your racing competitors.

Tiki Kart 3D is playable on Android and iOS.


Yet another 3D racing game that supports powerups. MiniDrivers is a lightweight mobile game that you can play since you’re a fan of Beach Buggy Racing as this game features same gameplay experience, powerups, as well as different types of cars and tracks.

MiniDrivers is compatible with Android and iOS.

4Super Slugterra Racing Battle:

Not a 3D racing game but surely a fun race and fight game with the support of powerups. Just like Beach Buggy, Super Slugterra Racing Battle lets you enjoy playing on multiple available maps, upgradable cars, and 3 fun game modes.

Super Slugterra Racing Battle can be played on Android only.

5Buggy Driving:

Buggy Driving by 3D Games Village is an easy to play mobile game that features stunning graphics quality and realistic gameplay.

Buggy Driving has many areas and maps where you can enjoy riding including beach, city, desert, jungle, subway, and lava.

Buggy Driving is an Android game only.

6Racing Riders:

Racing Riders is a 3D racing game developed by BigCode™. This Android game lets you compete with your friends, play on 3 different game themes, pick your favorite character, as well as upgrade your karts.

Racing Riders is Android compatible.

7Kart Stars:

Kart Stars is an exciting kart racing game for mobile devices that offers many karts to choose from. You can customize players to your liking by picking from many available helmets and suits.

Kart Stars is available for both Android and iOS devices.

8Rush Kart Racing 3D:

Rush Kart Racing 3D is a basic 3D racing game that you might enjoy playing as it is a frequently updated game with new worlds and levels added every time on every new game update.

Rush Kart Racing 3D has easy controls and the game is suitable for all ages, even little kids.

Rush Kart Racing 3D is compatible with Android.

We make sure that we provide the most similar games and apps. If you play other games than these on the list, please leave a comment down below including a link to the games you recommend.

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