Alternative Websites Like Freepik To Download Free Graphic resources alternative and similar websites alternative and similar websites

Graphic design can be a hobby, something that you do in your free time, or even a real job for many people. Some graphic designers build and start their projects from scratch, While
some others prefer to find ready graphics templates such as PSD and Vector files and go from there.

An awesome website online that offers ready to implement graphics files is This website offers tons and tons of free graphics assets free for use whether for personal or commercial use.

Freepik is loved by many people who just want to find ready-made graphics for their YouTube channel, PowerPoint presentation, Website, You name it.


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So without any unnecessary delay, Let’s find free graphics files.

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Vecteezy is hands down the best resource that offers free Vector files. The website is regularly updated with more graphics on a daily basis.

You’ll be surprised that the publicly downloadable files are high quality and free of cost.

Vecteezy has helped thousands of graphic design enthusiasts and non-graphic designers
find the most suitable graphics for their projects online.

There are some premium graphics on Vecteezy. but, The majority of files are free.

365PSD is another popular resource for free Vector and PSD graphics. The website is constantly updated with fresh graphics like Logos, Banners, Objects, Shapes, Patterns, Textures,
Icons, and Infographics.

Currently, the website offers more than 50 Thousand of free to use graphics files for both personal and business purposes.

Besides free grapics, 365PSD also contains premium files.

This is a website that gives access to thousands of free Vector files that can be added to your projects.

You can find Backgrounds, 2D Characters, Logos, Shapes, Wallpapers, and more all in


VEXELS is a great online resource to get free and high-quality Vector files, PSDs, as well as PNGs.

For personal use, Most of graphics are available for free. However, if you’re trying to implement graphics files into your business projects you should consider buying a license or a monthly subscription which costs less than $10 a month.

At VEXELS you can find almost anything that’s related to graphics (Logos, Banners, Flyers) just by using their integrated website search box.

All-Free-Download is a website that is created by graphic designers, for graphic designers.

The website offers free Vector files, Stock photography images, PSD files, Icons, Website templates, as well as hundreds of free fonts.

If you’re a talented graphic designer that want to help, The website allows you to add your own created Graphics to the website.

If you’re looking for free design files such as Vectors, Icons, PDSs, Photos, or even free fonts, then go ahead and visit FreeDesignFile.

The website contains completely free assets for both commercial and personal use.

A website that gathers many graphic designers that upload their work and share it with other people in order for them to use and include to their projects.

Freebiesbug enables you to have free access to free App icons, Mockups, UI Kits, Website templates, Illustrator files, as well as free stock photos & fonts.

So how cool were these free graphics websites? Did you find what you’re looking for?

Comment down below if you have thoughts, or maybe recommend other alternatives to Freepik.

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