A List Of Best Free Unblocker Online Proxy Websites

List Of Free Online Proxy Unblocker Websites.

In case you have visited a website and discovered that it is not available in your country for some reason, But you still want to visit that website because you need some type of information, We suggest that you use a Free Online Proxy also known as Unblocker Websites.

What these free proxy web services will do is:

They will connect you to a specific website (the website that is hidden or not accessible from your country) through a different IP Address. So your IP is not shown on the website you’re visiting, Which makes the website think that you’re from a different country than yours.

The benefits of these online proxy websites are that most of them are free to use, In addition, they do have paid plans if you think you need to go even further and gain access to the premium features of these online website unblockers. These features may include advertisement removal which gives you a better user experience.

The cons of these type of web services is that:

If you’re planning to completely hide your identity online then these online proxies may not be the perfect solution, We recommend you to use an online browser such as Thor.

Other cons are that these websites have a lot of advertisements, Since these website unblockers are offering free service they must include something to gain money or to monetize their sites so they can keep them up and running and alive, As an example: pay the web hosting expenses.

In this list, we gathered a few online proxy unblocker websites that are free to use in order for you to browse hidden sites.


hide.me describes itself as “Free Anonymous Proxy Browser”, With a database of more than five million users worldwide.

This online proxy service features are:
Browse almost any hidden website, No need to signup, Free to use, No logs are kept (As they say).

Hide.me also offers paid plans: Premium which starts from $9.99 a month and plus plan which starts at $4.99 a month.


Whoer states at their homepage that: A web proxy DOES NOT allow you to be completely anonymous on the internet, Which is true as we mentioned at the beginning of this list. Whoer offers free web browsing using their web proxy with great options like picking which country you would like to browse the website from.

When it comes to their paid options they have a VPN software starting at $4.99 a month.


With over 1.500.000 monthly users, kproxy.com is a must add web proxy to this list.

Kproxy offers Free, Safe use anywhere service. They also have browser add-ons for easy access and the browser add-ons are for Firefox & Google Chrome.

There are many paid options the site offers: 30 days of premium service with the price of $10.


A free online proxy unblocker web service that allows you to browse hidden sites. Features include US and EU locations, Free usage, And no signup needed. Proxysite.com have a premium package to offer $9.99 a month, They also show you what websites you can unblock such as social media networks, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc…


Anonymster also offers 100% FREE service for online browsing, They do not have any paid subscription plans like the other unblocker websites do.

The service is very basic, It doesn’t have a lot of options that other web services have like changing the location you browse from.

They do have advertisements and affiliate links to other VPN and proxy services.

Please make sure to revisit this webpage in order to find more proxy websites, As this post will be regularly updated.

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