5 Must Try RSS News Reader Services & Apps Like Feedly

Alternative & similar RSS reader services to Feedly

Alternative & similar RSS reader services to Feedly

If you’re addicted to reading the local or worldwide news, Tech news, Gaming news or just love content that is provided by a variety of websites, this can take too much of your time by switching from a website to another.


What if i told you that you can read news from your choice of websites

Services and apps like Feedly make reading news from different sources a pleasant thing to do.

Feedly was first released back in 2008. The freemium service offers apps for mobile devices as well as web browsers that enable users to collect their favorite websites or news resources to receive new content from them all in one place using “RSS” web syndication.

Below, You’ll find other amazing RSS blog readers that are similar to Feedly whether for your web browser or mobile device.

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Inoreader is one of the most used and loved content aggregator services out there.

The service enables people like us to enjoy collecting websites that we like in order to be able to receive updates from all of them in one reading friendly place.

Inoreader has apps for the most used mobile device operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, as well as available for web browsers including
Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari.

Inoreader is free to use however, some features like rules, filters, push notifications, and offline mode require a premium monthly subscription.

2The Old Reader:

The Old Reader is a service that gathers all of your favorite websites in one place enabling you to organize your added resources into categories.

The Old Reader is a great freemium RSS reader to use in order to receive news from the resources you trust.

The service is available for MAC, Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows phone.

Also available as web browser extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.


FreshRSS is a Self-hosted, Open-source, and Free RSS feed aggregator that you should deffinetly have a look at.

FreshRSS lets you gather hundreds of thousands of websites to be able to read the news or receive updates from your choice of trusted resources.

What makes FreshRSS a great RSS reader is that it is Self-hosted meaning that your data is your own and no third-party has the power to access it.


Feedbin is a paid RSS aggregator that costs $5 a month. the service guarantees you a great reading experience with the support of customizable themes.

Feedbin as well enables you to receive Tweets and articles that are shared on selected Twitter profiles which is a unique feature.

Feedbin can be used on Android, iOS, and MAC.


NewsBlur is a freemium news reader that helps you subscribe to RSS feed of websites of your choice.

If you’re planning to use NewsBlur for free, You’ll be allowed to add up to 64 websites which is more than enough for most users, The paid plan costs $36 a year and it unlocks many awesome features.

NewsBlur is available for WEB as well as Andriod and iOS.

There are hundreds of free RSS reader apps out there that you can use completely free of cost, here are a few:

Feeder on F-Droid

gReader on Google Play

We make sure that our content is up to date continuously. If there is another app or service that you use instead of these alternatives, make sure that you recommend it to us and other fellows. Use the comment area below.

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