The Official Facebook App is a battery hog – Here Are 4 Alternatives

Best alternatives to the Facebook app for Android

Best alternatives to the Facebook app for Android

Facebook is the gigantic social network that most people are active in.

This social network website is so popular because it was the first of its kind to be created as it was first founded back in February 2004.

Facebook is a social media website that is very hard & almost impossible to beat, even Google’s social network “Google Plus” couldn’t compete with this giant.

Unfortunately, being on top of social networking websites doesn’t mean that Facebook has the best mobile app for mobile devices. In fact, the majority of Facebook’s official app users claimed that the app consumes a lot of battery power, slow at loading, and shows an annoying number of sponsored content and ads on the feed.

Hopefully, there are many alternatives to the official Facebook app that users can install on their Android mobile devices in order to uninstall and get rid of the battery draining app.

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1Hermit • Lite Apps Browser:

Hermit is an amazing free app that enables you to basically replace bloated apps like Facebook with lite Web-based apps.

Hermite’s total app size doesn’t exceed 3 MB compared to Facebook’s official app that has a total size of 168 MB.

The Hermit app enables you to block sponsored advertisements on Facebook, saves your mobile data plan, as well as doesn’t consume a lot of battery power.

Hermit is absolutely one of the best apps for Facebook that are free of cost.

2Face Slim:

Face Slim is an Open-source, ad-free, as well as a completely free of cost Facebook browser app for Android devices that even supports Facebook zero. This lightweight app has a lot of features to offer including capability of blocking sponsored posts, text scaling meaning that you can adjust the size of the text.

Face Slim is available on the F-Droid market (Not available on Google Play).

3Friendly for Facebook:

Friendly for Facebook is considered by many users a “lite facebook client app”. Friendly enables you to download videos straight from Facebook to your Android internal or external storage.

Another great feature that made us fall in love with Friendly is that the app can also be used to replace Facebook’s Messenger app.

Friendly blocks sponsored adverts & guarantees a slick and beautiful material interface.

4SlimSocial for Facebook:

SlimSocial is an incredibly small Facebook app that’s total size is 100 KB, and that’s the smallest alternative app in terms of size to the Facebook app ever.

SlimSocial is completely free, Open-source, and offers great features like having a modern design and not requiring many permissions from your device.

PRO Tip (Works on the majority of mobile web browsers):

If you use Google Chrome on your Android mobile device then that is another great alternative for the facebook app.

Facebook has a mobile version of its website that can be accessed by mobile web browsers.

Accessing the Facebook website through an Android web browser like Google Chrome doesn’t eat a lot of battery power as well as supports the “Push notifications” feature.

In case you don’t like to open Chrome and enter Facebook’s URL in order to browse facebook every time, Your Home Screen isn’t just a place for apps:

Go ahead and open Google Chrome, visit, Tap the three dots on the top right corner of your screen, and tap “Add to Home Screen“. This way you’ll be able to browse Facebook faster and easier.

You may also use a different mobile web browser than Google Chrome for this matter.

So, how was your browsing experience like after using one of these Facebook app alternatives? share your thoughts in a comment below!

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