Alternative Apps Like DietBet That Will Pay You To exercise

DietBet alternative & similar apps

DietBet alternative & similar apps

DietBet is an app that pays its users money in order to encourage them to exercise and be fit.

in DietBet users bet to either lose 4% of their total weight in 1 month, or lose 10% of their total weight in 6 months, and if they met their goal they earn money.

DietBet is a great app that motivates whoever wants to lose weight in a great way.

In the market, there are many similar apps to DietBet that you can download and use in order to be motivated even more.

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StepBet is another app that rewards you to be fit. Developed by WayBetter, Inc, StepBet doesn’t just track your steps, instead, it rewards you real money for being healthy.
StepBet helps you achieve your fitness goals in a fun and motivational way.

StepBet is available for Android and iOS.


Sweatcoin is a free app that pays users Sweatcoin which is a Cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin for basically moving and exercising.

You can spend the earned Sweatcoins on goods, send them to your friends and family, or donate them to charity.

Sweatcoin is available for Android and iOS.


The Fitcoin is an app that you can download be able to earn Fitcoin (Another Cryptocurrency) by doing the things you normally do, like going to the gym, walking, running and almost any other sports activity.

The Fitcoin app is available for iOS.


Earthmiles is another app that is a big source of motivation for fitness and sports lovers. The app rewards users for being healthy in a smart and great way.

by earning earthmiles balance points, You can spend them on buying from the app or redeem vouchers.

Earthmiles is available for Android and iOS.


HealthyWage is a similar app to DietBet that you can use to bet on your weight loss. The app offers many challenges that you can take in order to get fit.

The company has paid out millions to people like you who love getting rewarded for being healthy.

HealthyWage is available for Android and iOS.

6Charity Miles:

If you’re a good person that loves helping others, Charity Miles is the perfect app for you. This app helps out many Charities by donating money earned from advertising to them.

Charity Miles is a great way to lose weight as well as to help out great charities like “Stand Up To Cancer” and “ALS Association”.

Charity Miles is available for Android and iOS.


Walgreens is an app that rewards you for running, walking, cycling, and exercising. Not just that, Walgreens also rewards you points for testing your blood pressure, and simply for Achieving a healthy goal.

Walgreens is available for Android and iOS as well.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this article, Don’t give up, Train hard, Set your goals and change your life to a better one.

Do you know more apps like DietBet that you want to recommend? suggest them by commenting down below!

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