Top Ad Blocker Apps For Android That Are Similar To Blokada

Best Android apps that block ads on applications & websites

Best Android apps that block ads on applications & websites

Finding ad blocker apps for Android in the Google Play store is almost impossible. The reason these apps are not welcomed in the Play store is that Google’s main source of revenue and income comes from advertising and by allowing ad blocking apps in its store, Developers that depend on ad revenues will definitely turn their apps from free to paid or even exit the Google Play store to find other markets to publish their apps.

Blokada is an open source ad-blocking application developed for Android users. This app works as a firewall that blocks access to advertisements of all kind.

In addition to ad blocking features Blokada can also block malware, tracking as well as saves mobile data.

In this post, You’ll be able to find apps that work the same as Blokada in terms of functionality.

Most of these apps are available outside of Google Play. So make sure that you enable “Unknown sources” On your Android’s smartphone or tablet by going to Settings, Security, and checking “Unknown sources”.

With that being said, Let’s find these ad blockers!

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AdClear is a non-root VPN firewall that can block ads on applications as well as web browsers.

AdClear can also protect your device from malware and viruses that come from pop-up advertisements.

2Block This:

Block This is a VPN based non-root firewall that blocks ads.

This app can block malware as well as increases your browsing speed (This app was recently removed from Google Play, We explained why in the introduction of this article).

3DNS66 via F-Droid:

Another great solution for ad haters. DNS66 can be installed through F-Droid. DNS66 is highly configurable, It uses DNS to block to block hostnames.

The app is free to install and open source.


NetGuard does an awesome job with ad blocking on Android. This app can be used to effectively enjoy an ad-free experience on Android.

NetGuard is free and can be downloaded from GitHub.

Blocking ads using Firefox browser on Android (Only for web browsing doesn’t block in-app advertisements):

  1. Install Firefox browser from Google play.
  2. In your Firefox browser, find “Add-ons” or go to “”
  3. Search and install “Adblock Plus” + “Popup Blocker (strict)
  4. Enjoy browsing the internet ad-free!

We’ll add as many apps as possible as long as they effectively stop annoying advertisements on Android devices.

Would you like to add more apps to this list? comment down below!

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