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If you are new to the online blogging world, You might be wondering what are the best blogging platforms that you can utilize in order to build or create an online free blog.

Online blogging platforms make it very easy for newcomers to start their own website. By reading this list, You will be able to make a decision on which platform is suitable for you depending on your goals.


First of all, is built using this extraordinary blogging platform. With WordPress, you can build almost any type of website that you can imagine. From blogs, News websites, eCommerce shops, Video tube websites, Company websites etc..

What makes WordPress the best and the very popular blogging platform is its features. The number of great available paid and free themes is huge, which will make you confused to make a decision on buying or installing a theme. Not to forget WordPress plugins, Any features you find on any website that you want to integrate into your own blog is available as a plugin to install and configure.

However, To use WordPress as a blogging platform you’ve got 2 options:

1st option is to go to and start a FREE blog, You won’t need a web hosting package or a domain name. But keep in mind that you will be limited to a lot of options, Your domain link will be which is not professional.

2nd option is that you will need to buy a web hosting and a domain name and then install WordPress from your web hosting dashboard.
You will install WordPress as a software: And this is the best professional way to do it.

What also makes WordPress the best is the availability of online tutorials and courses about WordPress teaching.

Our advice is to always search on Google for what you need or any issue you might have faced and not buy any paid courses because everything about WordPress is available online for free.


Similar to WordPress, Joomla is an awesome open source software that enables you to create stunning websites of any type.


3Blogger (by Google):

Blogger is a FREE blogging platform provided by Google. You will not need to purchase any web hosting package because all the content
is hosted on Google’s servers.

Your domain name will have an extension that is


An easy drag and drop cloud-based online website creation service. You can easily create your own free blog here.



Tumblr is a social network and also a blogging platform for bloggers. Tumblr is limited when it comes to customizing your blog. but if you’re looking for an easy way to blog online for free Tumblr is a good way to do it.


An online publishing and blogging platform to read and write stories from all over the world.



Using Squarespace you can create awesome blogs, Create websites, Online shops etc.



A drag and drop online website creation service, You can use Weebly to start your own blog.



Also an open source blogging platform, Easy to use and packed with features. Plans start at $19 a month.


This was the list of the best blogging and website creation platforms you will ever need. WordPress is hands down the best blogging platform. We suggest that you learn more about this amazing open source website building tool.

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