10 Must Have Free & Open Source Apps For Your Android Smartphone

A listing of free & Open-source handy apps for Android

A listing of free & Open-source handy apps for Android

The Google Play store is considered the number one source for apps and games, thousands of app developers around the world create great apps and make them available for use.

The sad thing about Google Play is that only commercial and ad-supported apps get exposure & receive millions of downloads. Other apps that are Open-source as well as ad-free
don’t usually get the same promotion from Google that’s given to apps that make revenue.

In this page, We will explore awesome and handy apps that are Open-source & completely free to use so you can get rid of the apps that don’t deserve to be on your mobile device.

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Best Android apps that block ads on applications & websites

1Blokada (Ad Blocker):

If you hate ads, Blokada will help you get rid of them.

Blokada is an Open-source app for Android devices that blocks advertisements across your mobile device, The app blocks ads on android web browsers as well as mobile apps & games.

What makes Blokada a great app is that it doesn’t require your phone to be rooted.

2Keepass2Android (Password Manager):

Keepass2Android is a solid, free, open-source, and safe password managing app for Android devices.

If you get tired of typing your email address and password into the websites that you usually visit, Keepass2Android will do the work for you by automatically filling your credentials in the fields.

Keepass2Android is also available for computers.

3FreeOTP Authenticator (Multi-factor Authentication):

Are you concerned about the security of your email accounts or online accounts in general?

FreeOTP is an MFA or Multi-factor authentication app that adds a second layer of security to your virtual accounts making them truly hard to get hacked.

FreeOTP works with Google, Facebook, and almost any network or website that supports TOTP or HOTP protocols.

4Amaze (File Manager):

Amaze is yet another great Open-source app that is mainly a file manager or explorer.

Amaze is a lightweight with a clean material designed interface that supports both rooted and unrooted devices.

The app enables you to control your files as you wish: cut, copy, move, delete, compress, and extract ZIP or RAR files.

5LeafPic (Gallery App):

LeafPic is a lightweight, Open-source and free gallery app for Android devices. LeafPic has a modern unique material-designed interface offering 1800 theme combinations to chose from.

LeafPic enables you to hide your media files including photos and videos with the ability to password protect them.

6Timber (Music Player):

Timber is an Open-source music player app for Android devices that is lightweight and ad-free.

Timber has a cool looking material design, The app compared to other commercial music players is way better because it offers the same features and more of a paid music player app completely free.

7NoPhoneSpam (Call Blocker):

Normally, Android devices don’t have a built-in call blocking feature, NoPhoneSpam comes to the rescue.

NoPhoneSpam is an Open-source call blocker for Android smartphones that enables users to block incoming calls from spammers and humans who you don’t want to speak with.

8Lawnchair (Android Launcher):

Lawnchair is a free and Open-source launcher for Android that is highly customizable.

Lawnchair is a feature-rich cool Android launcher app that deserves to be installed on your smartphone, period.

9Minimal To Do (To-Do List):

Are you that kind of busy person that has a lot of stuff to do in his daily life? Minimal To Do is a lightweight to-do list app that reminds you of tasks that you don’t want to miss.

The app compared to commercial to do list apps is way better because it supports alarm reminders.

10Omni Notes (Note Taking):

Omni Notes is the app we think anyone should have on his/her phone.

Omni is a simple yet fully featured note-taking app for Android devices that is Open-source.

Omni can also be used as a to-do list app.

There you go! We love to have our eyes on Open-source apps and software, Do you know any of that? share some below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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