Top 7 Clipboard Manager Software For Windows 10 As Of 2018

Best free clipboard manager software for PC

Best free clipboard manager software for PC

Ctrl C/V or Copy Paste in one of the most used functions in Windows. Most of us computer users use this feature in order to copy text, images from a location to a different one, website links, notes, and almost any type of file.

I’ve lost many phone numbers and email addresses just because I forgot to save this data after copying it using my Windows clipboard.

Unfortunately, The usual clipboard of Windows 10 is very limited and doesn’t save copied data and by turning off the computer all of your copied text is gone to waste.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you a group of clipboard manager software that is considered the best to use on Windows.

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1Ditto clipboard manager:

Ditto is hands down the number one clipboard board manager for Windows PCs. This freeware enables you to save text, HTML, Images, and almost any type of file that can be copied on your computer.

The software has some great features that include the capability to sync copied data across multiple computers as well as the support of shortcut keys assigning.

Ditto has an easy and simple user interface that makes using the software a pleasant experience.

Ditto is Open-source, completely free and available for Windows.


ClipAngel is another Open-source clipboard manager software for PC that’s powerful yet easy to use.

This freeware supports copying of images, text, HTML, and RTF files. Assigning shortcut keys is also a key feature of ClipAngel.

ClipAngel is Windows compatible.


aiClipboard is a great clipboard manager freeware for Windows that saves and organizes your copied data including text, images, folders, emails, and URLs.

aiClipboard is lightweight, easy to use, free, and powerful for managing copied files on Windows 32/64 bit.


CopyQ is a modern clipboard manager freeware that monitors and saves copied files and text into a beautiful & sleek interface.

CopyQ organizes your copied data into sections which will make it easier for you to manage all the text or files you copied.

CopyQ is available for Windows, MAC, and Linux.


Developed for both Windows and MAC, 1Clipboard is a great free clipboard manager app that enables you to copy data from a computer and paste it on another which is a feature that not many clipboard managers have.

1Clipboard works online and offline in case you only need a clipboard manager for one device.


ClipMate is a commercial clipboard manager that helps you capture and save all of your copied text and files into one place.

The software extends the power of the usual clipboard of Windows and makes it powerful.

Unfortunately, ClipMate is a paid software that costs a one-time fee of $34.95.


ArsClip is another great clipboard manager that is free of cost.

Features include saving picture, HTML, RichText, and Unicode.

ArsClip can be used without an installation (portable), or you may install it if you wish to.

This freeware clipboard manager is available for Windows and Android.

So, happy copying & pasting! Which clipboard manager computer program did you prefer the most?

Did we forget to mention another clipboard manager that is free? share its name along with an official link to download in the comments below so that other fellow computer users try it.

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