6 Most Effective Computer Programs To Remove Adware In 2018

Listing of best anti-adware software for computers

Listing of best anti-adware software for computers

If you constantly use your computer to download pirated movies, music, or software from unsafe websites like torrent file directories, Most likely your computer is going to be infected by viruses, adware, and spyware that are made by bad guys.

Adware does not only slows down your computer but also displays annoying pop-up ads and browser toolbars on your web explorer, and change your default browser homepage & search engine, all this makes browsing the internet a total pain.

The mess that is occurred by adware is done in order for the “bad guys” to profit from displaying advertisements on your computer everytime you go browsing online.

Before we start our discussion, there is one thing I want you to do.

(A rare case) If the following computer programs couldn’t detect any browser infections or adware, Go ahead and disable the latest browser add-ons that you recently installed because they could be the reason your internet browser settings changed or ads are displayed.

Or completely uninstall your web browser and reinstall back in a different directory.

Also, go to your windows program manager and look for any weird software that you haven’t installed, and uninstall it. Or we recommend using Iobit uninstaller in order to completely remove unwanted software and web browser toolbars.

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1ESET Internet Security:

ESET is a leading IT computer security company. The internet security version of their antivirus products is more than enough to remove adware from your computer.

ESET Internet Security is a must have software for any computer because it protects your device from phishing, spyware, viruses, and malware in real-time.

After installing the software and running your first scan, You will be chocked by the big amount of viruses that ESET will find on your computer.

ESET Internet Security can be tried for 30 days for free.


Malwarebytes is a badass anti-malware software for Windows and MAC.

The software is capable of removing the hardest adware infections as well as is able to protect your computer and internet browsing by blocking potentially harmful websites.

Malwarebytes will absolutely destroy any harmful ransomware, adware, and will guard your PC against phishing and fake websites.

Malwarebytes can be download and used completely free. There are also paid plans that deserve considering.


Adaware also has a free Windows antivirus software that you can download, install, and run in order to detect malware and adware on your computer for removal.

Adaware also has a powerful ad-blocker that blocks ads which will definitely help you stay secured from ads that contain viruses next time you go online.

Adaware’s ad-blocker works with Chrome & Firefox.

4Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool:

A tool created by Bitdefender that specialize in finding and removing adware from computers.

Unfortunately, The Adware Removal tool is paid and doesn’t offer a free trial period.

Bitdefender’s Adaware Removal utility can also detect system vulnerabilities on your PC.


A powerful adware remover for Windows computers that offers real-time protection as well as guards your browsing activities such as online banking.

HitmanPro offers a 30 day free trial period that is enough to remove adware from your PC.

6Zemana Antimalware:

Zemana is a freemium antivirus software that has incredible adware removal abilities.

If your computer is affected by an adware, Zemana will clean up your browser from bad add-on’s, unwanted apps and toolbars that might be the reason your PC is infected.

Make sure that you test the available free versions of any software mentioned in this article before proceeding to buy.

Can you help us?

Run these computer antivirus programs and reply back to this article with which one detected and removed adware from your computer.

Thank you for reading, If you would like to recommend more software, do so in a comment.

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