4 Mobile Apps That You Can Use To Download & Display Song’s Lyrics

Top apps to download lyrics of songs for Android & iOS

Top apps to download lyrics of songs for Android & iOS

Listening to music is one of the most entertaining activities we do as human beings. Some of us like to listen to country music while others prefer loud Rock n Roll songs.

No matter which genre of music is your favorite, There must be a time when you tried to search for lyrics of your favorite music track on a search engine like Google.

Just like you, We were always looking for lyrics to new songs that we fell in love with and ended up on YouTube videos that are muted because of copyright issues, or websites that are injected and full of pop-up ads.

Enough drama! the apps you’ll discover today will enable you to download lyrics of your loved songs so you can enjoy them even when you’re out of internet connection.

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QuickLyric is great free and Open-source app for Android devices that enables you to fetch lyrics of songs that you’re currently playing on your device.

The app saves lyrics on your smartphone for the time you go offline.

QuickLyric supports lyric syncing with many popular music player apps including Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, PowerAmp, Shuttle, VLC, and so many others.

QuickLyric is available for Android devices only, You may download it from F-Droid.


Another Open-source music lyrics fetcher app that is free for Android mobile phones.

The app is lightweight and easy to use, Using Lyrically you can swipe a small part of your device screen and Voila! lyrics of your currently playing song without the need to go online searching for them.


Musixmatch is one of the most downloaded lyrics app on both Google Play and the Appstore (also available for Windows PC).

Musixmatch will automatically display lyrics of your currently playing music track on a floating widget or your lock screen which are unique features that many of us would love having.

If you would like to use Musixmatch to get lyrics for your songs, make sure that you’re playing music using Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Google Play Music.


Genius is an app that has a tremendous amount of song lyrics in its database.

New songs are added continuously to the app which is a great thing when other apps fail to fetch lyrics for you.

Genius as well can match lyrics of currently playing music tracks if you’re using Spotify, Pandora, Play Music, or Soundcloud.

Genius is available for Android and iOS.

So there you have it! try to test the majority of the apps above and see which works the best for you. Thanks for reading!

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