4 Ad-Free Pocket Alternative Apps That You Can Use In 2018

Alternatives to Pocket for web and mobile

Pocket alternative and similar apps

While reading online, many of us try to save web pages or videos to read or view later. This is exactly what Pocket does.

Pocket can save and synchronize web pages, articles, URL’s, and videos across all of your devices including Android/iOS devices, as well as web browsers.

If you’re looking for a replacement app to Pocket, Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, You’ll be introduced to a group of apps that you can use to better replace Pocket.


An easy to use app that allows you to save content across the web no matter what type of content. Using Instapaper enables you to keep articles, videos, song lyrics, notes and more simply and effectively.

The content you save is automatically synced so you can read or view it later on any of your connected devices.

Instapaper is available for Android, iOS, and Kindle. Instapaper’s apps are ad-free. More features are unlocked with an In-app purchase.


In the poche by wallabag is another bookmarking app that can save content for you so that you can check out later. Developed specifically for people who love reading articles online and even offline.

wallabag is completely free of cost as well as does not display any third party advertisements.

wallabag can be used on many platforms and devices including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows PC, and Kindle. wallabag is also available as web browser
add-ons for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.


Raindrop saves articles, photos, videos, as well as website screenshots with a single click of a button. The app helps you and your team stay organized, as it organizes your bookmarks for a better user experience.

The app offers In-app purchases but is free to install.

Raindrop supports Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera browser.


Developed for Android only, Linkaive is a lightweight bookmarking app that saves content for later checking. The app can save almost any type of content for offline use.

Linkaive is ad-free and is fully unlocked free of cost.

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