5 Best XMarks Alternatives That Support Multiple Web Browsers

Web browser bookmarking sync software & add-ons like XMarks

Web browser bookmarking software & add-ons like XMarks

XMarks or Foxmarks was a browser add-on that enabled its users to sync their bookmarked or favorited websites across multiple web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

XMarks was an original creation of Mitch Kapor which later got acquired by LastPass (LogMeIn).

XMarks was a great bookmark syncing extension that synchronizes favorited websites, as well as passwords across web browsers.

Unfortunately, LastPass announced that they will end the ability to access this great browser add-on.

Find below, 5 XMarks alternative browser add-ons and software that will help you keep synchronizing your bookmarks across different devices and web browsers.

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Eversync is a similar add-on to XMarks which allows you to have your bookmarks on any device you use including computer, Android, Windows Phone, and iOS devices.

Eversync syncs bookmarked websites as well as speed dials across web browsers.

Eversync supports mainly 3 web browsers which are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

2RoboForm Everywhere:

RoboForm Everywhere by RoboForm can be a great replacement to XMarks as it also enables users to sync bookmarked websites, passwords, personal information for auto form filling, and more.

RoboForm Everywhere is a premium service which offers amazing features like syncing data to be accessed from multiple devices, cloud backup option, as well as two-factor authentication for maximum security.


Diigo is a web browser extension that is made specifically for Chrome that enables users to collect and add content around the web to their personal library and be able to access them anywhere using Google Chrome, Android, or iOS.

Diigo enables you to import bookmarked websites which are exported from previous web browsers.

If you’re looking to find how you can import bookmarks to Diigo That’s how to do it.


Raindrop is an easy to use bookmark manager which is very similar to XMarks in terms of functionality and features.

Raindrop syncs your bookmarks so can use them on any device or web browser that you wish to use.

Raindrop supports Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Raindrop is also available for Windows computers, Mac, Android, and iOS.

5Tidy Favorites:

Tidy Favorites is a small piece of software that enables you to synchronize bookmarks between web browsers on the same computer including Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and IE.

The free version of Tidy Favorites lets you manually synchronize your bookmarks, while the paid version enables you to automatically do so.

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