Best Alternatives to Smartlook For Recording User Behavior On Websites

Smartlook alternatives and similar web services

Smartlook alternatives and similar web services

Smartlook is a web service that specializes in recording visitor behavior on websites. The service is completely free and enables webmasters to see what their visitors are doing by recording their screen.

If you’re looking for more services that are similar to Smartlook then you’re in the right place, We’ve collected the best 10 web services that you can use to view your website through your customer’s point of view.

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A web service that offers Heatmaps, Recordings, As well as surveys for webmasters. Using Hotjar enables you to see what you’re visitors are doing.

You can see what they are clicking, Taping, Moving their mouse etc.
For personal use, the service is free but limited. Premium packages start at $29 / month.


Mouseflow records what website visitors do in order for webmasters to replay the recordings and better optimize their websites for best user experience and maximum conversions.

The service is paid, Plans start at $29 / month.


Inspectlet is a website that you can use to record sessions of your visitors on your website for better optimizing your business online.
Inspectlet is trusted by some big online companies like eBay and Shopify.
You can record up to 100 sessions per month for free using Inspectlet. Paid plans start at $39 / month.


Another powerful analytics tool that offers Heatmaps and Recordings of website visitor’s behavior. Hoverowl can work for most types of websites whether it’s a blog or an online shop.

Hoverowl is a paid service that offers 14 day trial period. paid plans start at $29 /month.

5Lucky Orange:

Lucky Orange is an online web service offered to website owners that provide Heatmaps, Video recordings of visitor’s actions on websites, As well as chat and surveys.

The service is paid and plans start at $10 /month.


Sessioncam identifies what stops your visitors from converting into customers automatically. The web service offers recordings of visitor behavior on websites as well as offers Heatmaps.

The service offers a 21-day free trial, Paid plans are unknown.


A website that offers session replays, Heatmaps and analytics for big website owners such as Adobe and Walmart. Paid or free plans are unknown.

Users must contact the website with their details in order to request a meeting.


Webmasters use MouseStats in order to view what their website visitors are doing in the form of videos. The website offers Heatmaps, Surveys, Screen recordings of visitor actions and more.

Plans start at $29 /month.


The best when it comes to pricing. Wisdom offers scalable pricing that fits every website size. Wisdom offers Heatmaps, Video recordings of traffic action, and supports most of the top web browsers.


SeeVolution has awesome competitive pricing for Heatmaps and playback recordings of visitors behavior. Paid plans start at $9 a month with a 14 days trial period.


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