Alternative Apps Like OfficeSuite (Top Office Apps On Android)

Apps like & alternatives to Mobisystems OfficeSuite for Android

Apps like & alternatives to Mobisystems OfficeSuite for Android

OfficeSuite by Mobisystems is one of the most used office apps on the Play store, The company gives free access to a fully featured word processing suite that enables users to whether create new Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents or edit existing files.

OfficeSuite is convenient, easy to use for beginners, and supports major mobile devices.

If you’re not a big fan of Mobisystems OfficeSuite, there are many other word processing apps for both Android and iOS that you can use instead.

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1Docs To Go™:

Docs To Go™ is used by over 50 Million users worldwide. It is a complete office suite for mobile devices that has wonderful capabilities.

Docs To Go™ enables you to edit and create Word, Exel, PowerPoint, as well as to read PDF files in a convenient way.

What makes Docs To Go™ a recommended office suite is that it is available in many languages, supports reading PDF files as well as syncs your documents with a computer or in the cloud (available as a paid feature).

Docs To Go™ is available for Android and iOS, There is also a sync component that enables syncing files with a Windows computer.

2Polaris Office:

Offered by Infraware Inc, Polaris Office is a complete office suite for mobile devices that enables creating and editing of Word, PowerPoint, and Exel files for free.

Polaris Office is available in over 18 languages including English, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, and more…

Polaris Office supports cloud sync for files which is another great feature for users who want to save and share documents with friends and colleagues.

Polaris Office is available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows PC.


SmartOffice is one of the fewer apps that are completely free and has no advertisements displayed.

SmartOffice is another office suite that enables you to create or edit existing Word, PowerPoint, and Spreadsheets on the go.

SmartOffice is available in more than 35 languages and supports Android, iOS.

4WPS Office:

WPS Office is a lightweight 35MB of size office suite for mobile devices.

Just like the other office suites, WPS Office is capable of reading and editing Google Docs, PowerPoint presentations, Spreadsheets, and PDF files (editing only).

WPS is a great office suite that has amazing features. however, the suite can improve even more if they display fewer advertisements in their app interface.


Quip is another ad-free tool to create documents, Spreadsheets, and task lists.

The app works great for teams and groups of people because the documents created using Quip are live which means document edits and changes can be done and seen by any team member.

Quip has integrated chat which makes it a powerful online office suite for teams.

Quip costs $30 for teams with 5 members, for each additional member a $10 is charged.

The app is available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows computers.

6Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office is the most popular and used office suite on computers. Luckily, Microsoft Corporation didn’t forget about mobile phone users.

The Microsoft Office Suite is available as separate apps that can be downloaded to your mobile device and tablets.

The apps available are Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Exel, OneNote, as well as apps for creating to-do lists and email apps.

Microsoft Office is available for Windows PC, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS.

7SoftMaker Office Suite:

SoftMaker also has a complete set of Office and document editing tools that are easy to use for mobile devices.

SoftMaker created many tools each for a certain type of document file, We’ve linked to their developer profile in Google Play because Softmaker is not available as a single app.

SoftMaker’s Office Suite is compatible with Mac, Windows computer, Linux, and Android.

These were the best apps that enable you to create and edit word documents, excel sheets, and powerpoint presentations on the go while on your mobile device.

Make sure to leave a comment letting us know which app you’ll be using the most. Happy creating & editing!

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