Top Alternative Websites And Apps to Duolingo For Effective Learning

Duolingo alternatives and similar websites

Alternative websites to Duolingo for language learning

Dualingo is a website where people visit to learn their favorite language for free. People love Dualingo because it supports many languages that other websites don’t.

What also makes Duolingo the favorite destination for language learning enthusiasts is that the website offers applications for mobile devices so users can learn while using their mobile smartphones anywhere they are.

For people who are looking for alternatives to Duolingo, We’ve got you 9 of the best language learning websites that offer free tools that will help you with language learning even more.

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One of the top selling apps for language learning, Babbel supports learning for many languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish,
Indonesian, Russian, Danish and Norwegian.

Babbel also has apps developed for Android and IOS for users to learn on the go.


Mondly is another popular destination for language learning, This website supports more languages than most of the competitors (Over 34 languages supported).

Using Mondly you will be able to track your progress, challenge friends and so much more.

Mondly also has mobile apps for IOS and Android.


Memrise helps you study new words by offering many lessons for free. You will be able to brush up your spelling skills like never before.
Memrise can be downloaded for Android and IOS.


Made specifically for people looking to improve their English vocabulary. Also offers word translations for free.

Vocabla has an App for Android and IOS. In addition to this Vocabla also has a web browser add-on that makes translating online very easy (Add-on for Chrome).


busuu provides language courses as well as ability to have conversations with different language speaking users worldwide.

Languages supported are English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Russian and Arabic.

You can as well get busuu for your Android or IOS device.


Supports only 3 languages which are Spanish, Turkish and Japanese. Elon offers free online exercises for a better learning.



Using lingvist you can learn up to 3000 new words in your favorite language for free. lingvist offers challenges that will for sure help you with learning a new language.

lingvist supports the following languages: German, Spanish, French, Russian and Estonian.

lingvist is also available as mobile apps for Android and IOS.


Clozemaster supports learning of more than 50 languages. A great source to visit for language learning seekers.
Also, downloadable for Android and IOS.


9Rosetta Stone:

A software that helps users with pronounciations, This software supports more than 19 different languages.

By downloading their official app for Android and IOS you will be able to download and take lessons while on your mobile device.

Do you use or have any other different language learning tools or websites in mind? suggest your ideas in the comment section below.

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