Best Alternatives to Shopify For Building Your Online Store

Top Shopify Competitors To Consider Using

 Alternatives to Shopify

eCommerce is one of the best making money online business models.

In order to build an online store you will need to rely on some platform to better create a professional online shop, These platforms come in different prices and features. And one of the best online store creation service or tool is Shopify.

What makes Shopify the most popular platform to use for selling online is that it is noob friendly, Which means if you are a total beginner to online e-commerce business you will find that Shopify is very easy to use to build your business. Their interface is clean simple and they include detailed video explanations and tutorials for you to follow.

But hold on a second, Shopify is not the only online platform that you can use. There are tons of other amazing platforms and open source software that is very customizable than Shopify.

In this list, We will provide a group of the best alternatives and competitors to Shopify
that you can use to build highly customizable professional online stores.

1WooCommerce (WordPress):

WooCommerce is an open source plugin that works on WordPress (You will need to be able to use WordPress in general), Hands down the best online plugin that you will find online is WooCommerce.

The themes and plugins available are endless. From our experience, WooCommerce is the best online plugin to create any type of store online, Whether you’re selling t-shirts or you’re drop shipping on eBay or Aliexpress, Reselling… Use Woocommerce and you’ll never regret it.



A very good alternative to Shopify, Free to use but does charge sales commission.




A popular competitor to Shopify Paid service, price starts at $29.95.




Founded in 2011 Gumroad enables you to sell products online at the price of $10 a month subscription fee + 8.5% + $0.30.




Free to set up, You’ll pay sales commission fees on marketplace sales.


6Big Cartel:


A free plan + a paid plan which costs $29.99 monthly.




Paid service, Price per month is $15.99 a month.




Takes 3.5% transaction fee + a 20 cent fee to publish your products.




Plans start at $8 a month + transaction fees.


These were the most popular online platforms to build your online store. Make sure you bookmark this page in order to be updated whenever a new platform is added.

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