9 Best Twitter Client Alternative Applications To The Twitter App

Alternatives to the official Twitter app Android & iOS

Alternatives to the official Twitter app Android & iOS

Using the official Twitter app can cause a headache to the majority of this social network users. Since the app is very slow for browsing, app lags a lot, and it sometimes tells you to update the WebView even if it is updated to the latest.

Fortunately, there are many similar apps to the official one, made by third parties that tend to deliver better user experiences.

In this list, We’ve gathered the best 9 apps that you can use instead of the Official Twitter app.

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TweetCaster is a freemium app for Twitter that makes using and browsing this social network super easy.

The app has some features that even the official app doesn’t offer. As an example, posting to multiple profiles is possible to do with TweetCaster.

If you want to follow many profiles but still be able to receive notifications from a specific user alone this is possible to do with this Twitter client.

TweetCaster is the number one choice for many Twitter users because it delivers the best possible browsing experience as well as it is highly customizable.

TweetCaster contains advertisements as well as offers In-app purchases.

The app is available for Android and iOS.


Plume is a completely free Twitter app that offers a high level of customization. Using the app enables you to change the colors of tweets, post tweets from the home screen by using a widget, Plume also auto-completes hashtags and usernames which is a feature that most users search for.

The app is Android ready, free, and contains ads.

3Tweecha Lite:

Tweecha Lite is another freemium Twitter app that offers features that are not available in the official Twitter app.

A few features that we liked the most include the ability to saving scroll position even if the app was closed, chronological order display of tweets, and the choice to have customized color theme.

Tweecha Lite is available for Android devices only.

4Falcon Pro 3:

Falcon Pro 3 is a beautiful dark Twitter client app that gives you the ability to post to multiple Twitter accounts (Can be done through In-app purchases), add columns, and each column contains specific users of your choice.

It’s like having a column for tech news, and another for celebrity profiles.

Falcon Pro 3 supports Android mobile devices only.

5Fenix 2:

Fenix 2 for Twitter is a premium (paid) client for Twitter. The app supports having and controlling multiple accounts, has a customizable main screen, enables you to silent unwanted profiles & hashtags, as well offers many dark and light themes to pick from.

Fenix 2 is available for Android and doesn’t offer any additional In-app purchases.


Flamingo for Twitter is a gorgeous Twitter client that is loved by thousands of users like you.

Flamingo is amongst the top highly customizable Twitter apps for Android devices that can look the way you want it to be.

Flamingo is a paid app that is available for Android.


Another paid Twitter app that makes browsing Twitter more fun. Talon is capable of following threads with the ability to mute users, retweets, and hashtags.

One of Talon’s best features is the capability of reading and viewing videos and GIFs without leaving the timeline.

Talon is a great way to browse and use Twitter, For Android.


This is the Twitter app with the most amount of Material Design themes. Tweetings gathers almost 38 beautiful themes to chose from so you never get bored by using the same look over and over again.

One amazing feature that makes Tweetings a great Twitter client app is the capability of uploading multiple images to a single tweet. In addition to the ability to add an unlimited number of accounts.

Tweetings is a paid Twitter client that is developed for Android and iOS.

9Twitter Lite:

A lighter version of the Official Twitter app that most users don’t know exist. If you’re suffering from lag, Twitter lite is a lightweight and much faster way to use Twitter & best thing is that it is official.


These were the best alternatives to the official Twitter application. Make sure that you test most of them in order to see which one better suits you.

It is not necessary that you purchase a paid Twitter client, The free ones will do just fine.

Would you like to suggest another alternative to the Twitter app? Thanks for commenting below!

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