5 Legit & High Paying Link Shortening Websites Like AdFly (2018)

5 Similar websites to AdF.ly that are trustworthy

5 Similar websites to AdF.ly that are trustworthy

Earning cash online by shortening links is one of the most known basic methods that people use to earn and receive some dollars into their PayPal accounts.

One big and popular link shortening website that offers this type of service is Adf.ly. This website is the eldest and trusted “Get paid to shorten links” website on the internet.

The way people use AdFly to make money is by shrinking URLs and sharing them on YouTube, Facebook, and online forums. The more visitors they send to their short links
the more money they make.

AdFly (The company) makes money from its advertisers by displaying advertisements on its short links, a cut goes to the user who drove visitors to the shortened links.

In this article, We’ll be mentioning other websites like AdFly that you can also signup in order to shorten your links and profit off of them.

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Shorte.st is a legit website that enables its users to shorten their links easily in order to make money by sharing them.

Shorte.st pays to PayPal, Payoneer, and WebMoney once your account hits a minimum of $5 you can get paid to your PayPal or WebMoney account, & $20 for Payoneer.

Shorte.st pays its users on the 10th of each month.


Ouo.io is another website that you can use in order to make cash from shortening URLs.

The website has a very friendly and modern user interface that makes shrinking links an easy to do work.

To be paid from Ouo.io you must earn a minimum of $5. Payment options supported are PayPal and Payza (Ouo.io sends payments twice a week).


Although AdBilty.me is a new get paid to shorten links website, it has managed to gain user’s trust quickly because of its high payout rates, positive reviews, and amount of people’s recommendations.

AdBilty.me pays its users once they reach a minimum balance of $1 each 1st,10th and 20th day of the month via PayPal, Payeer, Payza, and Bitcoin.


LinkBucks is the second largest website that enables users looking for earning extra cash online by shrinking links.

The website is considered legit because it existed long enough with many payment proofs available online.

LinkBucks sends daily payments to the users who have at least $10 in their cash balance. Payment options supported are Paypal, Payza, and Payoneer.


VivAds is a link shortening website that pays the highest rates amongst other websites.

With a low minimum payout amount of $4, VivAds is a great alternative to AdFly.

Payment options that the website offers are PayPal, Payza, Skrill, WebMoney, and Bitcoin.

This was a list of legit and paying get paid to shorten URLs. If you have anything to say make sure that you leave a comment below.

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