9 Free Lightweight Flashlight Apps For Android With No Ads

Ad-free Flashlight apps for Android that are not paid

Ad-free Flashlight apps for Android that are not paid

In our daily life, We need to use our smartphone’s integrated flashlight so we can see in the dark.

Newly-made Android phones usually have a simple option that you tap in order to use your flashlight. However, a lot of devices do not have an internal option to use flashlight except when taking photos with the camera.

But, no worries! We have searched the Play store for flashlight apps that are free to use as well as do not display any advertisements, so you can have the best experience possible.

1Background flashlight:

A lightweight flashlight app that’s total size is 94 KB. what makes Background flashlight unique is that the flashlight will remain on even if you leave the app and use other apps.

The app is easy, convenient and ad-free.

2Simple Flashlight:

A simple flashlight app yet has a great interface. Very easy to use, just open and turn on the flashlight!

Simple Flashlight is ad-free.

3Flashlight: No Permission (Nexus):

Another ad-free flashlight application for Android. This app is available as 2 versions, one is free, the other is paid.

Both versions have the same features the paid one is just to support the developer.

4Lytish Flashlight:

This free flashlight app has a unique beautiful interface.

It is true that the app hasn’t been updated since 2014, but it is still amongst the best ad-free free flashlight applications on the Google Play store.

5White Light Flashlight:

The only flashlight app that allows users to control flashlight from their lock screen.

With no unnecessary permissions needed, White Light Flashlight is a must add to this list.

6Flashlight – LED Torch Light:

This flashlight app supports Android versions of 4.2 and up. easy to turn on and control, lightweight and most importantly ad-free.

The app has 2 sources of light which are: camera LED and screen light.


The name tells everything, The app is straight to the point.

A simple and easy flashlight app with less unnecessary permissions.


8Flashlight! Free. No ads:

Once you open the app, You will only find a single button, and that is the turn flashlight on/off.

Simple, light and ad-free.

9Flashlight+ without advertising:

A flashlight application that can be set as a widget in your home screen for easy fast access to the flashlight.

The app doesn’t require too many permissions.

We hope that you could find your new favorite flashlight app! If you have anything to add to this post, please comment down below.

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